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  1. Acerbic

    The morning dew glistened like a burnished blanket sprawled over the tips of grass along the road. The air of the dawning was crisp; each breath brought a feeling of rebirth, a new beginning, resurgence and renaissance. In the wake of integral sleep an...

  2. Blasted 9

    Meanwhile, in another corner of the galaxy… Broken Droids – pieces and parts – are piled in every nook and cranny of an under-ground workshop. An old man sits at a table with a magnifier over one eye. Hundreds of miniature watch pieces lay sc...

  3. Franklyn Laws

    Alone, without a penny to my name, I finally learned that lesson. These days, I don’t talk to anyone and nobody talks to me either. I stand here on the side of the road with my sign; watching the people pull up to the intersection. I walk the row of ...

  4. The Musician

    The sun drifted slowly onto the horizon as the knights ascended the stairs of the Grandstand together. So where are you off to now, my friend?” Sir Bic asked. “Now that the festivities have concluded, what has your fanciful mind imagined for you ne...

  5. Foyer Infinity

    Seven followed Six so that Six came right before Seven. Seven’s tummy rumbled, making Six a nervous-wreck. “Oh, this place again!” she said, hanging up her hat. “Oh, hello! Do you know the way in?” She jumped, as the coats parted and a yo...

  6. Never Neverland

    The floorboards creaked as he shuffled to the front door. It squeaked as it opened and the morning air brought his little body a shiver. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he tried to recall what his father, a prosperous cheater, had said of his return. ...

  7. Alienated

    For many days, I have observed this “earth-like” planet. Much is similar to my world; grassy areas with trees but not many and not as green. The sky and ocean is similar, but not as blue. Creatures here look akin to the animals of my earth but like...

  8. Your Place in Time

    So, my dearest love, this is why I am not here; this is why I have left you. I did not belong here with the Eloi, they are my father’s people, not mine. I want to see what your people were like. I want to see the tall brick and mortar buildings all i...

  9. Cobblestone

    In a small town in old Mexico lived an man and his burro, Don Diego, but the man called him “Dee-de” for short. The people of Pueblo Poco took pride in their little village. A beautiful cobblestone road woven among adorable adobe homes where terrac...

  10. A Posse-bility

    The sun was setting on Boot Hill. Through the dust of a posse’s trail its amber glow faded; night was on the horizon. The hired men rode toward Tombstone, sent by Sheriff Shane to take The Nameless Man and bring him to justice however they saw fit. T...

  11. Blue Block

    Peter lifted his head from off the pasty white table; the sleeves of his shirt were soaked with tears. Sniffling, he lowered the box back over the two buttons; the agony of his failure was too much for his little heart to bear. His legs shook as he sto...

  12. Red Ruse

    A color-wheel wasteland, the room was void of prismatic life. A white chair pushed under a white table with a white box sat in the center of a stark white room. His chair squealed at the floor as he pulled it under him, raising the cover off the box as...

  13. Errant Entry

    The sky ignited in flashes of yellow light; the pulse shedders fired as the ground rattled under our feet. The smell of burning vegetation mixed with molten soil, filled the air. The O Corp’s long range cannons had detected us before we had gotten wi...

  14. Unemployed

    White florescent light flooded the unemployment office. The polished concrete floor showed reflections of people standing in a line that wound around ribbon barriers and out the door. With heads hung low, the poor unfortunate souls waited for an opport...

  15. I Am An Athenaeum

    I am an athenaeum; In the innermost area of every house. The place, Where eternity came from, Where eternity will one day return. A room filled with shadows. A room overflowing, With unasked questions, With unthinkable thoughts. I am a space of limitle...

  16. Loose Change: 5&D

    His heavy eyes opened to golden rays of light; the smoldering sunrise radiated though the layers of grated platforms above. A tilting of the head and light pierced his pupils; a tilt the other way and he saw its shadow in its shade. The first section o...

  17. Blasted 6

    Mayhem was aboard the Pulsar Wind. Captain Novax had fumbled wildly at the helm getting the ship out and away from the docking bay. Presently, he enjoyed the Empress breathing down his neck, peering over his shoulder and pressuring him to make the jump...

  18. Jack Wechsler

    Still hidden from their view, on the fire escape in some dark alley off First Avenue, Jack finally let his body go limp. Feeling a slight relief from the prevailing chase was enough to fall asleep. Plain in appearance, Jack Wechsler blended in with any...

  19. Blasted 5

    High above the docking bay, Commander Tarsus paced the bridge with one arm behind his back. The station was in chaos; every soldier was earnestly searching for the Empress. Personally, he wanted her gone; she’d been a thorn in his side since arri...

  20. Blasted 3

    The portal door shut behind him as the energy-charge exploded on the other side. Novax gave a swift look back, wiped his brow, shrugged his shoulders, turned and continued on. The lady said ‘meet us in docking bay 4’, so I will, he told himself. Bu...

  21. Blasted

    Jay Novax was running out of time. Flashbolts blazed around him bouncing off the sealed portal door directly ahead. Sparks flew in every direction; blasts ricocheted off the corrugated walls. A bolt flashed inches from his ear as he leaped behind a sta...

  22. Into the Void

    A barren wasteland of white stretched toward a black horizon. The looming moon illuminated the darkened sky as moonlight reflected from the glistening snow. The scientists looked over the ridge at the French Fräulein below. With their hands raised ove...

  23. Gait

    His time-portal sizzled. He walked through. His portal collapsed. He felt lost and alone. His world was an anomaly. He walked out of time.

  24. Jurassic

    ( "< Thrashing in the forest, You identify your prey. Peaceful and unwary, This pre-historic day. Giant trees put back, I hear an echoing roar. Rushing – you attack, Set to kill once more. Teeth and horns enmesh, Your powerful jaws held w...

  25. Loose Change: 411

    His footsteps battered in rapid succession against crackling, cracked concrete. Streetlamps spread his swift-flowing outline across the pavement and into the caverns of tenable black alleyways. A darker duo of shadows hurriedly followed the first. The ...

  26. Schematic

    An ever-growing insect population swarmed below her circling in fractious loops. Colliding into one another with great velocity, the Luangua continued to swirl aloft, all the while failing to fly into her escape duct. Stupid bugs – they can’t fly s...

  27. Bradley's Jewel

    Princess Vivandier’s scent reached far and wide. The colony was in turmoil. All had lived in dread of the Termite King’s reprisal. Now – after half-a-century of freedom – the return to slavery was imminent. Trudging through Market Tunnel, t...

  28. Mayday

    Antarctica’s once white landscape now fluctuated in pale shades of grey. In moments, the day turned to night, and the night turned back to day. Looking like two fleas in a bowl of ice-cream, the scientists traversed the snowy ice-capped glacier firin...

  29. The Long Haul: Charon

    Pluto and Charon. The chilling underworld and its ice-covered companion shimmered in haunting refraction of a distant star. The likeness of a man, old and grey looked back as Dale peered through the glass of his port-hole window. The past twenty-five y...

  30. Take That

    Clear blue skies out over a dusty desert. His rocket powered aircraft drifted safely away from the huge, four-engine, propeller-driven, B-29 bomber. Chuck felt the ache of two broken ribs; an injury suffered after being thrown from a horse. 45,000 feet...

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