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My name is irrelevant. The only words relevant will be found in my stories. I will tell you that I am seventeen and living in Canada. Sometimes I think my words are the most beautiful creations and at other times I feel they are the ugliest things to come from a pen…or a keyboard.


  1. Killer Instincts.

    The cat meowed repeatedly, over and over again. It was cute, but only at first. Its eyes were dilated, its expression frantic. “What do you want?!” I asked, with the full knowledge that it couldn’t understand a word I said. “Mee...

  2. I Have Something to Say

    I have something to say. How can I say it? Something has a hold of my words and I really just can’t shake it. Something thick and putrid that tastes like fear lodges its way down my throat and towards my stomach. Or perhaps towards my heart. Plea...

  3. How It Feels to Kill

    The girl’s small voice asked, “What does it feel like to kill?” The man flashed her a smile, all white teeth. They reminded her of a predator. The flashy grin you receive from the cannibal planning on eating your flesh. “It feel...

  4. Powder

    I lick the tip of my finger and dip it in the pile of white powder. Rubbing it along my swollen gums, I sigh. Relief. I’m soaring, but not like a bird. I’m soaring like an unstoppable force in the universe. It isn’t enough. It never i...

  5. Satan

    Satan came to me in a dream. How I knew it was Satan, I am not sure. I can only tell you that it was magnificent. The stranger I loved more than anything wrapped His arms around me. His grip was firm, yet gentle. I couldn’t tell you what He looke...

  6. Inconsistent Ramblings.

    Scribbled words line all the pages. I feel like everything I write is ugly and maybe it is. Ugly words from an ugly soul. And yet I still wrapped them up for you and tried to make you listen. I was never the same after that day you kicked me out of ...

  7. An Untitled Poem

    Drowning in your eyes Warm puddles of green. The water looked so inviting but now I’m drowning in you. To silence my choking cries Merely close your emerald eyes. Darkness and silence, I think I’d rather be buried. If you keep me captive in...

  8. Guilty Suicide

    The words shone on the computer screen. A message to my blog, from an anonymous girl. Her name I did not know. I only knew her suffering. “Tonight I’m going to kill myself. I can’t take it anymore. I just wanted to send you this messa...

  9. Four Hours (Mature)

  10. Bathory

    A castle. Deep, dark, grim. A countess, failing complexion and sadistic art Less than perfect skin; hideous and short of vitality Báthory dreamed of acquired youth. Young girl’s blood; heat and life Hung, alive and abandoned, Crimson ponds, a slit t...

  11. Hospice.

    Every convulsion shakes my core and now the only thing I can hear is your voice telling me we’re bound to a hospice. You wanted to show me that my self-pity and misery was an illusion, you wanted to show me real sickness but all I can see now is your...

  12. "And destroying was the only way I could see."

    I was at home here Whispers hold no more promise than the rain Quietly in a room, dark, holding my disdain I held a basket filled to the brim with trust I gave it all to you wrapped in my own skin because I wanted you to have me I felt ugly all the tim...

  13. Words.

    I need you weak. I need you vulnerable. If I could make you fall in love with only my words I’d write forever. Let each word drip from your lips. If my words have no effect and do not bring even a small flutter to your stomach, I’ll keep you only i...

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