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  1. She said...

    She said she’d take me anywhere, so long as I was clean. But I haven’t been clean for years now. A filthy mind full of dark images and the degradation of the bigger picture – the belief that no one and nothing is sacred. I don’t...

  2. The mist (Mature)

  3. The double post

    There you go. I’ve hammered away for a good 10 minutes. The wooden obstruction is sitting plain, painfully rammed to the depths of hades. A secondary vantage point for the crows. Another little point of urination for the dogs in the neighbourhood...

  4. The prize

    Rustling the bag she had previously crumpled tightly in her hand, she produced a sealed bottle of water. He realized he was staring at her. This wasn’t the done thing on the tube, so he forced himself to look away. When he glanced back, a curi...

  5. The tube

    As he sat he glances around him. The usual mundane crowd of London types. His eyes fixed on a middle aged woman almost opposite him. She had a slightly awkward demeanour and wore a threadbare coat made of a woven wool material. Her dark hair was thi...

  6. The tunnel

    She lay there on the floor. she felt a little as if she was gently sinking into the thick shagpile. her head was swimming, and her breathing was becoming shallow. Her mind seemed to be drifting away, out, up, over away from her body. They were still in...

  7. The sky over

    Harry scanned the horizon. He feverishly twisted the optical focus on the binoculars clasped to his brow. They were here. Over head thin whisps of light circled. Blue-green with some white specks. They danced across the visible heavens, seeming to sway...

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