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  1. Through My Own Dead Eyes

    I remember the first time I got drunk, how I remained lucid and aware but unable to stop acting like an idiot. It was like my brain became disconnected from the rest of my body. It’s the same feeling now. Since I woke up, it’s like I’...

  2. He Shouldn't Have Stolen My Shower Sandals (Mature)

  3. Always wear comfortable shoes when driving at night

    Run. Keep running. Can’t stop. - Turn right. Down the alley. NO! BACK TO THE STREET! Stay in the lights. Why are all the houses dark? Why isn’t anybody home? - I don’t recognize anything. I don’t know where I left my truck. I do...

  4. The Test Of Trees

    Drove far past where the roads turned to gravel, then dirt. Parked by a tall tree with bright leaves, flanked by a twisted spruce with dead red needles. Put one mountain peak at my back, a beckoning finger raised, and mark another in the distance. A sh...

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