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i am blonde with blue eyes i love to write and i am in love with the best guy in the world i am a Ficlets Survivor and am also a member of GotPoetry where i am also known as moonlightgirl check me out there sometime too.


  1. The Real Me

    as the sun fades and the moon rises i show the real me the thing i have been hiding inside the tears and pain the guilt and shame i pull the bottle out and take a drink i pull the blade out and cut real deep this is the real me the one no one sees...

  2. losing control

    falling apart at the seams. held together by a single lose tread its threatening to let loose to let all the tears come pouring out to let the pain run the show.

  3. Listen

    Listen closely can you hear it? that barely audible sound can you hear it? do you know what it is? that faint distant sound it repeats a pattern ba bump ba bump can you hear it? do you know what it is? because if it weren’t for you that heartbe...

  4. Hearts

    alone in your room asleep by your side thats how it was last night i don’t want it to change but i know it has to go back to the way its suppose to be me in my bed and you in yours alone at night except for my beating heart which beats ...

  5. The One Thing About Him I Hate

    one beer two beers three beers four he’s getting alittle tipsy and soon might hit the floor i hate it when he drinks it scares me to no end i just wish he would stop but i know that won’t happen he likes to feel the rush and to do wha...

  6. Shooting stars

    a shooting star thats what i called them back when i was five but now i get a new moment a next step in this path of life now i’m sitting in the back yard looking up at the sky with a arm around my shoulder and a glint in my eye because for...

  7. I Love You

    Don’t leave No don’t go I Love You Didn’t you hear me Yelling it to you As you drove away Holding my heart In those beautiful hands I Love you Couldn’t you see I would do anything To make you happy I love you No longer do you want to he...

  8. Loosing you

    i sit in a chair waiting hoping you’ll be there but minute by minute the time passes by without a single sighting of my awesome guy and then it hits me square in the face your never going to come sit beside me again because you name is on...

  9. Regrets

    Sometimes thinking about the past Is the worst thing Because it brings back all the memories And all the pain I can’t believe What I always wanted Was so close I couldn’t wait I had to go ahead and bang This stupid jerk And now I am regretti...

  10. Brace Yourself

    Rochelle Brace yourself for the fall you knew these happy feelings could only last so long so you know how this ends with a regression to old ways so embrace it and start a new life of hiding the scars and living the lies of I’m fine and it&...

  11. Vision

    I can see it in my head what my body wants to inflict the pain to erase everything else it wants to see blood running down my arm as i cry myself to sleep wishing i had been strong but i am fighting with all i have not to give in but i don’t...

  12. Overflow

    The emotions are building and the wall is holding strong but i can feel it giving with each new thing thats piled on no matter what i do or say if the emotions don’t slow down they are going to overflow into something everyone fears

  13. nagging

    Can you hear that nagging in the back of my mind telling me to do it again and again to take the metal blade and push it down it will hurt i will cry but it will make it stop that nagging feeling deep inside because he’s being an ass he...

  14. First Kiss

    tick tock tick tock that was the sound of the clock as she waited patiently for class to finally get out. For she could not wait a second longer to feel his arms around her. This person is her boyfriend Tyler who she started dating a few days ago. That...

  15. Perfect Love

    love is a jigsaw puzzle each piece must fit perfectly his day your day and everything in between somethings must change so the pieces fit just right but in the end you get a perfect fit

  16. His Love (Mature)

  17. What You Do

    we’re talking and you’re upset I just hope my words will distract you long enough but I was wrong because next thing I see is you signed off and I start to cry tears are running from my eyes and I know what’s coming next you’...

  18. We Made It

    We survived the rains, that came that night. That terrible hurricane, that almost took our lives. And when I rolled Over and climbed to the window. I opened the shutters and looked out, on the new day and my new life.

  19. Mirror

    A Mirror is a door, to a world unknown. To a place you only see, when you stand and look in. It knows secrets, you never share. It knows lies you tell to everyone. It knows love, you think you hide. It knows pain, deep inside. That mirror. Sitting on...

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