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I’m a Pre-Law/History student from Puerto Rico. I own about ten Moleskines and I only use Pilot pens. I’m convinced I was born about seventy years after I should have and I’m a firm believer in the (future) existence of time travel. 2000 was the best year ever.


  1. Was it a Dream?

    Harry woke up and poured himself a glass of whiskey. It was his first in six and a half days, but he swallowed it quickly and without remorse. The heat of it seemed to melt the oily film of his dream until he was only left with the bitter aftertaste of...

  2. The Gladiator's Keeper

    Officer Agostino Rossi crossed the crowded lobby. Tonight of all nights, when he should be walking his kids around the neighborhood asking for candy corn, he still had the gladiator wannabe to deal with. He wished the guy would just give it up and star...

  3. Allegro

    The laces of her slippers have lost their color and the ends are frayed. She’s almost ashamed to be seen in them, but as soon as the music starts, as soon as she gives her first jeté, she forgets about the state of her laces or the hole in her tutu....

  4. Effacée

    It must have been hell living all those years alone in that big house, especially with her bad eyes and her crippled legs. When they found her in the kitchen, she had an old music box– a real antique, they said– on her lap. It was open and the pink...

  5. Portrait of Robert Walton

    He stands at the helm, his arms holding unto the ropes as his face is lashed raw by the sub-zero winds. In the back of his mind he knows he might freeze to death, but he can barely feel the cold and he does not care. His eyes, tired and incredulous, fo...

  6. La casa en luto

    Lucía no lloró en el hospital cuando la máquina anunció el final. No lloró durante el velorio ni en el entierro. Durante toda la tragedia fue un perfecto retrato de tranquilidad y sensatez, reacia a dejarse vencer por el dolor. A la mañana siguie...

  7. Scheduling Conflicts II

    Sarah can’t help but look at me the same way she has for twenty three years: the cocked head, the squinting eyes, the shapes the muscles in her arms make in front of her chest. She is staring at my tattoo poking through the back of my ivory Maid-of-H...

  8. Scheduling Conflicts

    Yesterday, I found out my sister’s wedding coincides with the apocalypse. I’ve known about the apocalypse for months now—in fact, I was discussing it with my boss when the mail arrived. Sorting through it, I found a cream-colored, rice paper enve...

  9. You Don't Always Need Protection

    Darren’s mother is always on his case about the same damn thing. Wear your helmet. Wear you elbow pads. Don’t forget the long sleeved shirt. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I mean, Jesus Christ it’s only a freakin’ skateboard. He’s t...

  10. Tequila (Mature)

  11. The Thrill

    He was up to his wrists in it, that hot, sticky, wonderful mess. The man had screamed, but just barely, and now, ten minutes later, the street was quiet and still. No one had heard them. If someone had, this was the type of city where no one lifts thei...

  12. Murk and Age

    The foyer was empty and dark. It smelled of thick humidity and somewhere I heard the slow drip of water falling on water. There was a broken chair next to the door. The stuffing of its seat was sliced through and a spring poked out of it. A floorboard ...

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