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  1. Sparks To That

    If the second is the same then the flames ignite the inertia of irritation a rash against my midriff ripped up into the night every word fuel on the fire a passive peaceful glance like paper, inert draped gently, burned from the inside out.

  2. Cattie Dream

    Kitzy curled his tiny paws around his legs and flopped – he was exhausted! He’d spent the better part of an entire cat day (one human hour) trying to leap onto Leah’s chair, bobbing his head up and down, but she wouldn’t give hi...

  3. A Quick Rewrite

    Jen rushed past camera 2 near the back of the classroom. “Four minutes until we’re rolling.” “Make that two,” yelled camera 1, “The assignment’s due by 7.” Marc was seated in front of the teacher’s ...

  4. Two Cubed

    “Cap’n Mint!” cried Bit, “I don’t want to pick my nose into your business, but -” “It’s poke.” Bit scowled. “Of course I spoke. I’m a QT-droid.” “Not cute enough for me.̶...

  5. Burn All The Magazines

    The local store is a relic from a past Jim wishes he could forget. He couldn’t look more out of place, with his thick rimmed glasses and long coat. The clerk gapes at him and Angie. Jim grabs a lighter. “Can we get a magazine, too?” A...

  6. False Idols

    He was dancing. His denim whispered in hush tones, leg to leg, as his massive thighs chafed against one another. The laminate flooring groaned with each jete and sighed with the saute. He eyed the small TV, noting every accent and twisting to each subt...

  7. Fire and Ice

    I’m swimming, the lukewarm water is splashing my eyes. I savor the sting. I don’t want to peer down into the abyss. I can feel seaweed brushing my feet, and it’s making my legs tingle. On the horizon, a flash of blue. A stately woman ...

  8. The Guardian

    I thought we’d steal more back then. Pretty much the whole academy hung out at the convenience store. We milled around like a mob, spurts of buddy violence and peals of laughter echoing in the summer sky. We were the kids that everyone worried ab...

  9. Should've Checked the Reviews

    “Of all the cafés in Singapore you say this is your favorite? There are thousands!” exclaimed the Englishman as he pulled a cigarette to his mouth. He quickly spat it out on the table and began running his napkin over his tongue – he’d...

  10. So That's What He Looks Like

    EXT. TATTERED YMCA – DAY An establishing shot of a city YMCA. INT. YMCA – DAY An odd bunch audience sit in plastic folding chairs staring up at JED (22, lanky nerd) and CARL (46, stout, ruddy, bald) who wackily loosen their muscles, tongue ...

  11. Here's yer Face

    The sounds of sandals flopping along the cobblestone echoed in Kur’s ears as his glossy amber eyes darted from shop to shop. He made his way down the avenue past squat thatched stalls, plastered storefronts and scoured brick towers. The sun simme...

  12. Ran So Far Away

    I just lived in the TV and the magazines that summer. Posters of Sheena Easton and Slash flickered blue against the walls of my room. “Sleep tight,” I’d say, and leave the TV on until morning. Some nights, I’d dream right into a...

  13. Zombie Dawn

    EXT NEW YORK – BROWNSTONE – DUSK A New York brownstone glows orange in the setting sun. INT SECOND FLOOR BEDROOM – DUSK DEREK (22, indie rock hipster), ELLE (20, pretty, disheveled) and STEVE (45, balding) huddle against the wall unde...

  14. Dream

    “Let’s rest,” said Sandy, lobbing her sack onto the crest of a broad sand dune. She hung her legs off the edge and took a long swig from her flask. Cray meticulously undid the straps along his chest then lowered his heavy duffel besid...

  15. Three Colliders

    “Yer sweet Sandy won’t refuse us, Cray,” the wizened man said as he pushed through the bamboo doors, “‘cuz we’re offering her a pair of rocket boots of her own.” Sandy glanced up at the two from the corner of t...

  16. A Return

    Some say the revolution started a thousand years ago, in the 21st century, when she finally came home. It’d been millenia since she’d taken her Queen’s sabbatical and rode the Egyptian Trigate to the stars. She’d made a few side...

  17. Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Paul wagged a weary fist. “Paper, scissors – " The man shrieked from behind his mask, then coughed violently. “It’s rock, paper, scissors, Paul.” His hoarse voice echoed through the dark theater. Paul gazed up wearily...

  18. Down the Line

    “How could she-” Ashley trailed off. Her mascara was running; her eyes were glossy white pools amidst black clouds. Under the solitary kitchen light, she sobbed like a suspect in questioning. Her elbows rested on the kitchen table and she ...

  19. Keep Runnin'

    I backed up until I felt the edge of the off-ramp. A crowd of deadheads lumbered closer. Behind them, I saw a pack turn towards Chad’s Corolla. I raised the pistol, steadied my shoulder and pulled the trigger, just like Chad’d explained. Th...

  20. Gus n' Bone

    “Long time no see, chub-zilla.” “That’s magical Bone, thanks for that,”Gus replied dryly. “Same ol’ prude, I’ve got plenty more-” “Yeah, I’m good.” “-fatzilla.” Gus gap...

  21. How Much for the Orc?

    Javier cocked his redblade and sent a thrust at the orc’s green throat. The afternoon bazaar ground to a halt; the crowd gawked. “Who’s this now?” quipped the orc as he bent himself backwards, far enough that his head nearly tou...

  22. The Pit

    “Why go to class when I can learn about life,” Kirk inhaled sharply on the joint, “from all these fine folks?” Jeremy wondered if there really was anything to learn in the smoking pit. Against the wall, Paul the “6th year ...

  23. Gas, Guns and Suburban Zombies

    Ding, ding, ding. The empty gas light blinked over and over. Was my alarm clock trying to jerk me out of a nightmare? Nothing. I stepped on the gas. Nothing. “Let’s get to a gas station,” Chad huffed. His bandaged arm was seeping bloo...

  24. Forget About Ashley

    “Aren’t you proud we’ve come so far, Ashley?” Gwen asked in a register that only a genuinely sweet high school junior could hit. “What? Just don’t fuck up the prechorus and I’ll be proud.” Ashley barked. ...

  25. The Nutmeg Bazaar

    It was Zenith, the hour when Estoria’s twin suns glared down like the eyes of Rah. Vicky wiped her brow as she pushed through the bustling afternoon bazaar, a shimmering horizon of burgundy headdresses, thatched baskets and copper skin. The scent...

  26. In the Wind

    Cray felt the fuel cells eject from his rocket boots just as they had a thousand times before. He watched them plummet to a dull thud against the sandy Estoria shoreline, hundreds of feet below. He twisted his legs, tapped the thrust button on his palm...

  27. Kizuna

    It was stupid to be looking at the dagger on school grounds. Mal ran his hands over the tapered edge of the blade, the smooth leather hilt, and the coiled snake pommel. It glimmered the same way as it did a few years ago, when Dale gave it to him on hi...

  28. Cold War (Mature)

  29. Breaks II

    Volume, cruise… what is this? Alarm? No, this one. A click. “Um, Hello? Was this the right—” “Robert! Where are you?! She’s…” “Sue, I’m —” Red splashed all over the misty windshiel...

  30. Breaks

    A four car pileup on the two-hundred, more after the weather, said the radio. Red lights stuttered on the highway, and John’s neck glimmered with ruby beads of sweat. 6:39. A large mechanical claw descended on the ashen husk of a Corolla, draped ...

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