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Ah, it’s good to be back. You can find some of my old stories in the Ficlets Memorial somewhere (http://ficlets.ficly.com/authors/nomiddlename). Same username, same level of drivel.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and make websites.


  1. Send in the clowns

    The plain stretched before them. On the horizon, dust thrown up by the rampaging hordes merged into the grey clouds. “Ssh! Listen!” “What do you hear, Gragnark?” whispered King Nev. “A thousand, no – wait”, Gr...

  2. New Shoes

    -I’d like to return this pair. The soles have worn thin really quickly. -Let’s take a look at them. Hmm. You didn’t let them heal, did you? -What? -When the blisters came up; you didn’t give them time to recuperate. -I, er ̵...

  3. Pressure

    There’s nobody looking over my shoulder. I’m not up on a stage. There is no audience listening. Nobody is waiting to read this. I have no deadline. Nobody will ever read this. That should equate to freedom, shouldn’t it? No restrictio...

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