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Laura wishes it was 1983, plays the ukulele, loves John Cusack and a nice cold can of PBR after work. She is analog, poetic and odd.


  1. the note

    Zooey skipped along towards the subway station, letting her bag swing freely beside her. The platform was desolate, and she took the opportunity to watch a janitor slowly move a mop from side to side. She boarded the next train, and snuggled herself in...

  2. a superhero shopping list (Mature)

  3. you can't do the job without a cape

    “Don’t be afraid, Schnitzel. Just because I’m going to be a hero doesn’t mean I won’t have time for you. Besides, you’re getting lazy and you don’t even like going to the park as much as you used to. Maybe I should put you back on that di...

  4. a hero in the making

    Ben glanced at the devilish look that gleamed ferociously in his eye through his reflection in the mirror. His newly self-confidence burst forth like a stripper surfacing with forced exuberance through a giant cake at a bachelor party. He was never lik...

  5. sudden realization

    He looked back on this shining moment and realized his true calling. He was born to be…a hero. He pondered this delightful notion and quickly came to a final decision. Of course, when one finds themselves in moments of great realization, it’s quite...

  6. puppy eyes

    “Schnitzel!” Ben bellowed. A mildly overweight beagle soon appeared, wheezing from the strenuous walk from his dog bed to his master. A great distance of nearly two feet. The dog sat at Ben’s feet, looking up expectantly with big eyes for a treat...

  7. slow motion days

    Zooey rummaged through the piles of clothing strewn over her floor, periodically doing ‘sniff-checks’ to determine the cleanliness of each item. She settled on a worn in black tshirt that hadn’t been washed in the past century, but ha...

  8. to hell with saying goodbye

    The moon had cast a long eerie white light that snuck past the drifting curtains and landed gently on my face. I glanced around the room, staring at my suitcase tucked neatly into the corner, reminding me that tomorrow I would no longer sleep in this h...

  9. revelation

    the only revelation in getting back my soul would be to see your rotting flesh lying in a hole

  10. into the night

    women weep in secret lying cold along the trail of your passionate throes we are but transient jesters entertaining the judging, hungry eyes of your court but our soft white flesh will soon no longer feed your rotted soul you grow tired of our soft v...

  11. a simple touch

    if not for your touch i’d melt away i would let the hours blur into days i would have no memories of things so soft and sweet i would just be full of things all bitter and mean

  12. little yellow sparrow

    you held that little yellow sparrow in your palms but your grip was much to callous it was much to strong now there’s blood stains on your hands and nothing left to sing us songs.

  13. skin deep

    if we were to see the scars from inside rise from within to show themselves on our very skin i would be the ugliest girl you have ever known

  14. suspicions aroused

    Zooey turned to go, but stopped suddenly, spinning around daintily on her toes. “By the way,” she started with a puzzled expression, “Have you seen any of my coffee mugs? I swear, every time I put one down it disappears into some sort...

  15. inconsistencies

    I let my hand graze against the tracks of fingerprints and dust on the bar. Reaching for the clouded glass, I was already intoxicated. My being here led me to believe that I was trapped in an abyss in which nothing could save me from. A hand from behin...

  16. hidden treasure

    “You know,” Zooey said, peeking her head inside the room, “If you’re going to crash at my place when you’re too drunk to come home after whatever it is you do, I’d really appreciate some kind of gratuity present̷...

  17. the haven

    Mac’s Tavern was a has-been. Or, it was from any outside standpoint. It was a cellar at most. A dark, dusty sanctuary of curated oddities, cracks in the walls, and darts rusted straight through the bulls-eye. At some point in its career, it had b...

  18. the great coffee mug collection

    Fritz had returned sometime later, sans bed sheets. He stood in the kitchen, drinking coffee directly from the pot, and pondered how he could keep the hidden coffee mugs a secret from Zooey. Eventually, she’d figure that something was wrong when ...

  19. read to me

    The water seemed to hover on the great expanse of the Delaware river, almost like a blue sheet caught horizontally in the wind. It was mesmerizing in an ordinary way, but I was stuck on it. The wind blew frigid air in every uncomfortable direction, and...

  20. lampside lovers

    “Oh,” Fritz’s face broke into recognition, “How was your date?” “Oh, him? Wasn’t a date in the least. I should reconsider using Craigslist for a means of social interaction. But that’s irrelevant. What re...

  21. i won't be home for christmas

    The snow fell lightly, covering the row of brick houses in a dense white blanket. Children ran through the alley whooping and cheering because of the snow day, parents grumbled as they shoveled pathways out of their doors. I watched them from the windo...

  22. the morning after

    More banging and groaning persisted. The figure reemerged and made its way towards the armchair’s fellow, the bedsheets dragging slowly behind, picking up unswept patches of dust in its trail. “Morning Fritz, dear,” Zooey sang out che...

  23. morning salutations

    With a swift gesture, the lid was ripped ferociously away from the coffee canister. Grinds were measured with a bent spoon, poured and spilled thoughtlessly in all the wrong places until they finally were aimed into the filter. Zooey pushed the brew bu...

  24. fritz & zooey reinvented

    Zooey tried to remember the last time she showered as she finger combed stringy locks of dark hair absently while lounging on an emerald armchair. Her bedhead had given her a chameleon-like ability among her fellow unwashed wannabe-hipster neighbors. I...

  25. a strange alliance

    “What we have…well, I couldn’t possibly describe it,” he said leaning over the table, trying to look serious. He was failing. “You’re right, it is a strange little arrangement we’ve got going,” I offered....

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