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I’m an English Major,I love books and I’ve been writing for a while.
I also enjoy photography,tv, and sites like tvtropes and flickr and wikipedia.

I can be found at tumblr,livejournal,twitter,flickr and more under the same name.


  1. my life is average

    It’s a foggy morning where you can very clearly see your breath. It’s cool but not freezing, in the right clothes it’s actually quite nice. The sky is clear and it’s great for a walk.the bus stop is completely deserted and I thi...

  2. Everyone has a world inside them.

    I can read minds. well,they’re not a book, but I see them. they’re like little planets I can walk in. I like going into coffee or book shops and watch people. I can see their whole lives. what they’re worrying about. What they’...

  3. the greatest power is imagination

    I look at my arm and it’s covered in fire. blue,shiny flames surround it. and it doesn’t hurt or harm me. I can use it. throw it. it flares up when I’m upset and I learn to supress it. I’m the only one who can see it. I wonder ...

  4. first time in the backyard

    It was a mistake. an accident,really they were climbing a tree,being childish he misstepped and fell,dragging her along,falling on top of him. they were giggling. it didn’t help that they’d had a few beers already. her glasses had fallen to the sid...

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