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There’s nothing better than the
Indulgence of dipping your soul
in Ink.


  1. 4 cups

    Sometimes Sometimes its nice Sometimes its quite nice To know how many cups of Tea are left. And I’ll feel myself to sleep.

  2. Lunch Loyalty

    Responsibility to friends was my greatest concern, yet I was both being irresponsible to one breed of friends and loyal to the next. The petty laws of teenage interaction refused to let you have cake and eat, though the not so petty laws of physics mig...

  3. Heavy

    Go slowly. Can’t beat. Heavy sleep. Heart beat. One two. Steep breath, steep sleep. Three four. Slipping slowly ever down. Five six. Relax and patience. Seven eight. Nine ten. Eleven twelve. Thirteen fourteen. Sleep, now, sleep.

  4. Hate the Night

    I couldn’t have done anything Except be me. He couldn’t do anything except not be. My pace is steady Steady Steady And I never break. His is a weakness I won’t tolerate. I am me He is he, And so he ran beside me. Give me your sou...

  5. Shadows and Reflection

    Some Thin Somewhere between the shadows of your Sketches Their exists a line That separates What you can feel from what isn’t real. This line, when walked, can lead. And somewhere there might Be one last Corner you’ll never feel like Cat...

  6. Again

    You’re the kind of girl That gets left behind Shoved into corners Out of sight Out of mind It’s not right It’s not fair But it’s obvious, Nicole That they’ll never care You feel Oh, you feel Broken hearted I see You ste...

  7. Rush

    Sweat drenched and sun burned Beat up shoes bind like skin Your heartbeat will struggle Then finally give in To the rhythm, the pounding, and movement Of feet On the solemn green turf With the clouds rolling low When it rains You’ll still sta...

  8. tree

    it starts out as seed little thing of potential a little rain a little rays its roots spread its head pokes through earth’s copper skin fuzzy green defiance it seems to speak to those who listen i am what i am but what i will be is greate...

  9. Give

    give me a pencil and i’ll give you my poem give me a song and i’ll sing out to your soul but give me a moon, o a moon, sweet gray face from the heavens, and i’ll give you my heart and a kiss for your cheek and my laugh your compan...

  10. Shakespeare's Omission

    i believe there’s an option that Shakespeare ignored you can be you can not be or you can be more

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