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If I told you I never lie, I’d give birth to a paradox.


  1. Last One Out Turns Out the Lights

    I missed the Diaspora, I missed the Scattering, I missed the First and the Second Flowering, and I missed the Evacuation. I hid in my little box under the ground, opening one electronic eye every thousand years like clockwork. When it became apparent t...

  2. Everything That Never Happened -- Snippet #1

    [Captain Riley and his former 2nd mate, the shade Charles, meet in a funeral parlour] While Riley was still talking, Charles got up, walked over to the casket, and opened the lid. He stood a moment, looking in at — what, exactly, Riley wondered. ...

  3. The debriefing, or, How to not quite get fired

    “Are you trying to provoke me?” “Hmm?” I said, carefully keeping a smile from my face. Eldridge turned from the window. Pale eyes in a face gone red: I didn’t need to read his mind to know he was mad as hell. “Al Fah...

  4. Leaving the ground

    I plant my feet I left the ground And it was that easy, really. I’m absolutely serious. You have to have some determination, and some pretty serious leg muscles, but you can do it. I did it. Anyone can do it. An ocean of green springtime crops di...

  5. The Harvesters Broken

    If this is a last will and testament then so be it. The chaff broke through the lines last night. I slept clean through it. Sarah always said I’d sleep through the apocalypse and it looks like she was right. I woke from a dream of transformation ...

  6. Leaving the cave

    Listen: It’s time to go now. The fire is failing, the gods are howling, the river runs white. I’m scared and I know you are. We may fail if we go but if we stay here we sure as hell will never succeed. One step at a time. Careful, the rain&...

  7. In the foothills

    When we came back down the mountain hand in hand, the old-timers clucked their tongues and got all meddly, saying things like “I guess she had that planned the whole time” and “wonder how long that’ll last”. I wanted to te...

  8. City of Dreams

    They call Paris the city of dreams these days, which is kind of funny or maybe ironic, since all the other Earthly cities are nothing now but dust and dreams. No one really remembers how it happened, or why, but one day the tide turned and the sea chan...

  9. Saturn is missing

    “That’s a big ol’ wtf”, she said, pronouncing each letter individually. Me, I say ‘m all together, wift, and yeah I know they’re out of order but that’s how I rock, right? “What is?” I said. “...

  10. An Ark, perforce

    It’s dark now, here in back, but I like it that way. You can see the entire Galaxy sprawled across the sky, now that they’ve shut the engines off. We’re traveling so fast now, a hairsbreadth below c, and there’s still no redshif...

  11. Wonder why that cashier kept givin' me the ol' hairy eyeball

    cop flashlight (you know, the 4 D-cell type) 4 D-cells hacksaw XL pantyhose drain cleaner filing cabinet (or maybe a fire safe would be better) handcuffs pocket German phrasebook magnifying glass tweezers locking pliers metal fencing People magazine wi...

  12. In the loop

    tail in its mouth." “Ourobouros,” I said. “At least I think that’s its name.” “Whatever,” she said. “Anyway, you punch in the numbers here, and then push this button.” It was large, and blue, a...

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