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My name is Seb Feast. I’m a student, born January 28th 1995. I live in England (born and raised). I’m an avid gamer and a regular on this here internet. My xbox live gamer tag is Captain EVA. I enjoy writing and using my imagination in any way possible. I created the Rebellion Comic (which you can find above) based on Jim Stitzel’s Reclaimer Comic. Hopefully you’ll get to know and like me and my writing. :)


  1. Fear 2

    (Okay, so here is my second attempt) Tap, tap, tap. Sounds creep through the house. Can you see something, over There hiding in the corner With shadows cloaking its Ghastly figure? Creak, creak, creak. There’s something in the house. You hear it ...

  2. Fear 1

    (I had a request from someone to write them a piece of poetry, so we could compare our skill in the subject, so here it is) Darkness, surrounding. Voices, calling. Creatures, lurking. A maiden, screaming. Fire, burning. Bone, melting. Structure, creaki...

  3. Mightier than a Sword...

    The cold steel pressing against my fingers reminded me how amazing this power felt. I could mould and shape reality itself, I could create new realities; anything from the depths of my imagination could be brought into existence. All I had to do to use...

  4. Distraction

    The Demon stood motionless, eyes fixed looking downward. I could tell he was having trouble working out what had just happened, as was the intended effect. After a while I realised I hadn’t been breathing, so I inhaled deeply. “Are YOU prep...

  5. Check

    Gradually, a thick smoke rose and engulfed the playing field, severing the line of sight between the Demon and I. When it eventually cleared, hideous black and white creatures occupied the squares that were now below us. You play using the white pieces...

  6. On Edge

    I felt the eyes boring in to the side of my head, trying to decide how confident I really was, but I’d already moved to look upon her again, mixing my emotions so that it was almost impossible for him to tell. Just think, this is what you’r...

  7. Chess

    As promised, darkness swept over the room as he appeared. He’d said every human in the room but me would die, so that we could be alone. So I was ready. I was in an abandoned location. Well…we finally meet in the flesh. His sinister voice r...

  8. Awakening

    As I lay in the blood stained catacombs of my mind, I entered a state of sheer peacefulness. I felt alone; my once thriving world had been silenced by a simple ‘mishap’. But despite my pain I found happiness amongst this desolation. Where? ...

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