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I hate how my mind plays tricks on me in the dark. I love the smell of the cold. but not the feel of it. I love smiles. though I don’t do it nearly enough. I’m hungry.


  1. The Absence of Color

    I awoke suddenly, and opened my eyes. Agonizing whiteness, like headlights, pierced through my retinas. I closed my eyes again, quickly. This. Doesn’t. Feel. Right. It was silent, much more silent than it would have been if I was at home in my be...

  2. I will start, since this was my idea.

    Dear You, I know it was wrong to sleep with your boyfriend. In my defense, you also had a girlfriend. You had plenty of lovers to go around. My mother had just died, a month before. My mind wasn’t in a place where it could think about friendship ...

  3. Square Faces

    As I take every step, I hear the houses around me breathing loudly. I can feel them watching me, the windows the eyes, the sidewalk, the large tongue lolling out, trying to lick me. Everything inside me is electrified and without my permission, I start...

  4. Trees

    The memory of you is clinging to me like the snow on so many trees rooted to the ground, alive but going nowhere. Sometimes I forget I’m not those trees, waiting for the spring, or to be chopped down. Or maybe I’m just moving at the rate Of snowfal...

  5. One Last Push

    Jessica looked down at her lifeless legs. The legs that had once bolted her across finish lines at track meets. Just a month ago, she had gotten first place in her division in the 200 M sprint. She remembered the tingling she felt in her legs after-war...

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