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  1. The Wedding Victim

    He approaches. Her screams are shrill. He grabs something. She is still.

  2. Mommy!

    I saw the headlines for my mom’s murder and knew I had to do something. So I went to the site to look for clues, and I found some fingerprints. I got them tested and compared them to everyone who knew my mom. None of them matched, so it must have...

  3. Curiosity Killed the Cat

    You step a closer to the jacuzzi. The blood looks fresh, and drips out the sides like newly-applied paint. “Whose blood is it, and what happened?” you wonder, but secretely hope to never have to find out. But, as they say, curiosity killed ...

  4. Robbery

    I walk out of the bank, happy to have finally closed my account. I had had nearly a hundred thousand dollars in there,as the bank seemed like a secure choice in comparison with my one bedroom apartment in the heart of Brooklyn. But then I heard of seve...

  5. Werewolf Chapter 1, Part 3

    “I need to check something in the woods.” “No way! Who knows what’s in there.” As expected, my mom wouldn’t let me. But I have to do this. “What do you need to check?” Maybe my grandpa could help. “I want to see something.” “I cou...

  6. Werewolf Chapter 1, Part 2

    Oh, how I wish I was Mrs. Kyle Thrift. We’d have a beautiful… My mom breaks my bubble and tells me to go outside. I bring my scooter and get in the car. Then the four of us leave. We drive to the path and get out. I ride my scooter through the rock...

  7. Werewolf Chpater 1, Part 1

    “One second, mother!” “Come on! We’ve been waiting for an hour. Your grandparents are wondering why you aren’t coming to them.” “Tell them I’m doing my math homework.” “You can do it later. Just get over here.” Ugh. My mom is a gr...

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