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I’m a Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance writer. Creator of the PIACT Undercover Agent series and designer of that nifty logo you see up top. Love to talk writing shop so if you ever want to chat just bell, blip, nudge, smile or chat to me.

I’m that guy who looks like you don’t wanna meet cos he’s so cute there’s gotta be something wrong with him, there isn’t.

Having said that I am a nice guy, just a little eccentric, with a sense of humor that’s out of this world. Like I think it comes from Jupiter or something. So be warned, if I sequel I tends to mess things up a bit since I really like the challenge of changing things from what they look like they’re supposed to be.

Please feel free to ask me not to sequel, please don’t be offended if I have. and if you tell me off I’ll go to a corner and cry… sniff

Okay, now that the niceties are out of the way let’s sharpen our pencils, square off on the paper, and to battle we go!

I tried to make this bio exactly 1024 characters long, I wonder if it worked?


  1. Spirits of remorse

    A chime. A sharp, unfettered sound coursing through the speckled leaves of autumn trees made him pause. Warily he turned. Watched. A chime. A second, deeper sound cut through the first, slicing deep into soil and undergrowth like a new honed plow. A ch...

  2. Don't like shoe shopping.

    This is the Ficly County Headlines Police are investigating today the apparent homicide of a man in Ficly County. His body was found thrown into a dumpster truck in an alley behind the WestMorning Shopping Mall. Police say they have little to go on so ...

  3. Twitter ficly

    “Time flies when you lie, like a butterfly doomed in a spider’s web,” he said. “Avoid the strands of fate and line your bed with truth.”

  4. Sometimes I think

    And I wonder why I think. Wouldn’t it be better not to think and be like all the rest, who don’t think. Or do they think, and just pretend they don’t think, like I was thinking of doing just to think of a way to fit in with everybody....

  5. Under the foot of the horse

    Regretfully the same couldn’t be said for the New Year. My parents, no longer divorcing, had returned to be the bane of my life. They’d also taken a liking to equestrian sport. Most notably, dead equestrian sport. Using what odd powers they...

  6. The Cheesy Grater

    Tardy, slow, your obfuscation; emotions boil in fractionation. Rakish rallentando, I Feeling like a dziggetai wish renewal themes come soon In midst of life’s midlife monsoons.

  7. Once, there were blue fairies.

    I used to watch them from my bedroom. Peering out of my window hoping they wouldn’t see me. Little sparks of blue that flickered and shot around the garden, cute little smiles on their faces as they put the flowers to sleep for the night and woke...

  8. Blind Date

    Sweeper’s first shot hit Chert in the groin and several large bolts and bits fell off. “I think you got his nuts,” Jiana said as the wounded mech put a hand down there to try and hold his legs together, failed miserably and fell forwa...

  9. Present to Beyond

    ..which wasn’t present at all. Was it? He blinked. Nasra had just walked out of the tent, yet she was no longer here. The runes, less than scratchings in a dust coated stone, worn away as if by the scuff of many insect feet. The offerings, gone, ...

  10. Alley Ooops! (Ficlet 3845 cont'd)

    Continued from Ficlet http://ficlets.ficly.com/stories/3845 “Marauder. Meat.” The nearest slave-mech made its most obvious assumption. It also indicated its IQ with the same move—the marauders don’t like smart slaves. “Guys! Great to meet you...

  11. Boom! too!

    Well, it would have been a more effective BOOM!, if the gun had actually done something rather than just click. I looked at the gun, feeling mildly bewildered, when Laverne started laughing and dropping a handful of bullets to the dust. “Saw that...

  12. On the downside

    Of course, the only problem I had now was the raging horde of vigilantes that were now hunting me down. This wouldn’t have been too bad, except they were led by my wife and she knew me just a little too well. They managed to find most of my hidey...

  13. feline features

    You see, that’s the trouble when you go nightclubbing and hook up with some cool cat.

  14. Sleepless nights

    Sleepless nights, edged with pain, A sugar coated, glitter-rain Where life’s horizon’s never keep Beyond the sight that renders sleep. For never ending, never joy Its tears immortal to employ To watch the mighty raise and fall With destiny’s gloo...

  15. Shoot me Please!

    “Shoot me, Please!” I begged him. I’d even given him the gun and round thousand dollars to do it. “But why?” “Because I can’t take it any more, I want to die.” “But Jody,” he fumbled the gun a...

  16. Hooley oops!

    And the worse bit of it all, it wasn’t the nineteen hole. Dagnabit!

  17. Try to Begin What You Started...

    “It started like this, see.” “Like wot?” Babs asked, she hadn’t seen anything yet. “Gimme a chance,” Ted said. “You’ll see in just a minute.” “Oh, right.” Babs nodded. “So wh...

  18. Ooops!

    Marli slipped a gun out of her purse and pointed it at Elsha. “Wel,l your employers are paying good money to get you back,” she said when Elsha’s face turned pale with shock. “Marli, how can you, we’re friends, back when w...

  19. Uhm... Ficly Beware, I'm back!

    Writing a ficly should be considered an art form. Sort of like mashing potatos, or tenderizing meat. It seems like a lot of uncontrolled beating and smashing. But in effect it takes a real art to get just that particular lump of solid potato, or pound ...

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