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Simple as this.
My life has recently undergone some major alterations.


  1. Break it off Easy

    Construct a piece that has meaning. The world is waiting for you. I told you there’s pressure that comes with being the president. People are waiting for you to make them feel safe, like everything’s OK. Now just because they’re waiti...

  2. You Want to Rebel? Too Bad I'm An....... (Mature)

  3. Sometimes

    Sometimes you feel great, nothing can knock you out of your zone. Other times things couldn’t get any worse. Sometimes things get unbearable and you look for a back door out. Away from what had you troubled. Sometimes the stars seem closer than o...

  4. A Purpley Prosey Problem

    The bell sounded making a resounding ring. I sprang up from my shiny oak-colored desk and barged out of the classroom with reckless abandon. I made my way down the cramped, overcrowded hallway inching closer to the exit, like a shining beacon on a dist...

  5. An Entirely Familiar Angle

    It’s noon-time and I’m lined up on the side of the road, like everyone else. We’re all happy, but I could sense something ill in the air. Couldn’t precisely put my finger on it. The wind gently blew in my face as I focused back ...

  6. A New Type of Egg

    That’s me, egg connoisseur I’ve eaten eggs from dinosaurs The waitress asked scrambled Monsieur? No, I prefer mine organized MAGNIFIQUE !

  7. Overdue Anger

    It’s a late night on April 14th in Harrisburg, PA. Malik is sitting in his stuffy, cramped apartment. [DRIP!] Malik is pacing around the room, “Ahhh I have to get this done!” Tax forms are scattered across the kitchen table. “I ...

  8. Aww Man (Mature)

  9. Password

    I’m thinking of our hiatus and how we’ve been apart. . . Our separation was abrupt, caused by the losing of a password. Passwords are sequences of words and numbers that allow you to access a certain something’s contents. It’s a...

  10. I'd Like to Come Back.

    I’d like to come back and bring something fresh and new. Knowing my luck, you guys might think writings/styles are completley dated and stale. You guys must think of me as Ficly’s Tupac. I leave unannounced and I’m still putting mater...

  11. Truth in Short

    I’d cross the world over and over if i could have one last conversation with my grandpa. Love, Sneaky

  12. As Soon As My Mom Goes to Sleep.

    “That’s it!” “What’s it Sneaky?” “You’ve been apart of the Ficlee community commenting and whatnot you want your piece of the pie… our piece of the pie, our shine.” Sneak paused and looked at ...

  13. The Beginning to a Scheme

    Time: 19:50 Sneak and Darch were at Sneak’s house one day. His mom had made cookies, their favorite, of course there was no milk. They just so happened to be on the internet at the time. It was going slow mind you since Sneak has dial up connecti...

  14. Same Book, Different Author

    We claim to be unique Say that we diverge from the ordinary But we don’t… I’d love to be that one Setting standards and leading the new But I can’t… I’ve been told no idea’s original Everything we do is recycle...

  15. New Deal

    [Congressman Harris steps to the podium] On this 6th Day of August, Congress hereby declares any consumption of food deemed unhealthy by our standards a crime. This bill is being passed in efforts to bring our nation out of debt. All of our nation̵...

  16. Introducing TFS

    In the all too near future… Society is plagued with extremists. Food extremists. Bad talk has been going around for a long time about junk food. No one ever thought unhealthy food would be eradicated from our nation. Well, it happened, all of it ...

  17. That Man

    We rarely call anyone the KING, no matter how “Bad” they are. We are just taught not to listen to all of that “Off the Wall” stuff. When others tried to get us into him we told them to “Beat It”. No one understood ho...

  18. You Don't Always Need Protection >:(

    Shanay loved her life, sometimes too much. Her love of life lead her into many bad situations, well let’s just say trying new things. She partakes in getting drunk underage with her friends. Drunkeness can be funny though. Shanay had a boyfriend,...

  19. Inanimate Eulogy

    We have gathered today not to put something to rest, but to celebrate its life. I’m talking about baggy clothes ya’ll. It has been so much fun having you hang off my ass for the past 10 or so years of my life. I loved your t-shirts too, Mr....

  20. Balancing Act

    “And now introducing—Bozo The Clown!!!” [ROARS] Bozo stepped out, and did his usual routine; you know lion taming, fire-hoop jumping, but his final act was his balancing act. It was truly unbelievable no matter what you threw at him h...

  21. Bloodlines Gone Sprinting

    My name is Chanuka. I bake under the sun 6 days a week, with the exception of Sunday. My job doesn’t reap me too many benefits. I hate my boss too, and I put this on everything, if he dare touches me or my parents one more time—I will kill ...

  22. Suicide Note

    For those reading have probably already acknowledged my fate. I’m sorry for leaving you so unexpectedly, but you guys never knew the war going on in my life; mentally and physically. Life seemed to have no more meaning anymore. The world is so un...

  23. The Steamer

    Paul had his eyes set on this bike, The Steamer, complete with 8 gears, attachable passenger seat, and NoS tanks. The price tag was $200. That’s expensive to a 12 year old. His parents weren’t fond of the bike’s price either. Paul dec...

  24. The Interview

    “So who might you be?” Kyle says with supreme authority. “My name is Declan MacLyntire.” “Haha! Declan, what type of name is that? Your parents might as well named you Balthazar.” Jeron giggles. “Shutup Jeron. ...

  25. CHANGE

    “You are to tell me that one press of this button, and all as we know it will change FOREVER?”

  26. Teenager's Lament II

    Oh, hell no I just got a ticket for running a stop sign..! My mom is going to whoop ass. I don’t think I’m going to tell her this. Well I better because there’s going to be a warrant out for my arrest if I don’t pay within 10 da...

  27. Teenager's Lament I

    Finals are coming up, better yet, the tests that determine if I do indeed make it to the next grade are coming up. Math and science are the ones particularly making my hands sweat. Even though I don’t agree with this whole dot filling bonanza; th...

  28. The End: The Beginning

    I never thought that I would meet The End, and all of its blazing hatred. Never once did I expect it to come to this soon. I always expected The End to be a little more—you know, easygoing; maybe 15 ft. tall holding a magical staff, wearing a Phi...

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