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  1. N- Habit

    I can’t get my hands off his pimple. It is delightfully absurd to take joy of such pain from his stressful skin, however here I am laying bare on his round vanilla, leaning toward pushing my arms in a forceful manner. I clutched his head, so his ...

  2. Storm Before The Calm

    The day her mother came back from Algeria to reconcile with Bob, her father, Carina was only 18 year-old. Bob wasn’t at home during the monsoon time when the coconut flowers spiraled down the sand, laying around the bench where Carina used to tak...

  3. Finally You've Found Me!

    I found out that certain things, like the sun rises in the east, were the comfort of every dispirited days of questioning my faith. Now they have been bungled by your presence—I am infatuated to you. Because the certain thing to me now yet to result ...

  4. Nothing Can Define

    Dandia is naked. She is a naked writer with a mouthful of snow. She scrawls each page in a tick of second while she travels without her pants down a linear line of spilling coffee. The man with a frowning eyebrows looks down on her with his pendulum ja...

  5. Prime: Kim part

    poof! I SHRUNK. My ears ached. He called my name, “KIIIIIIIIEEEAAAM,” I oriented myself, but a rush of wind swept me off! I FLIPPED. My gut bled. I’ve just hit the tip of the knife.

  6. Quarte (Mature)

  7. Tierce

    I lose nearly 800 times my normal weight. That’s what happen when you minimize to the size of raisin, you won’t like whatever you see in this condition.

  8. Seconde

    TRRRIIIIIIIIIIING…! I shut my eyes tightly my eye lids almost folded in. I didn’t invite him in, I smelt his approaches in inch. “Get out of my WAY!” he probably has just spoke. I stood still I reckoned.

  9. Prime: Doer part (Mature)

  10. Global Warming

    Hot new weather-cooling technology. _____________________

  11. Pain inside

    Militate, what a bruise’s breath washed away the aches in my barebones.

  12. Dear Jic, Grant, and Ron,

    I wanted a tattoo. And it would describe: I am pissed off! The rest of my friends are getting jobs and acting as busy as I could possibly notice, and they got someone else to text or call, while I reread my college textbook. Business? I’ve got no...

  13. The Canines Story

    When I was busy thinking about my metabolically modified tameness, she stared at me from the kitchen table, fiercely. “Wha’?” My mouth was full of lettuce sandwich which I can barely taste. I munched it and swallowed it. “It’s good. Don’t w...

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