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I like short stories and that´s not a lie.
You other authors cant deny.
When a story walks in with a break neck pace,
and a plot hole in your face,
You get hung,
Wanna ad a chapter,
Cause you noticed that story needs to be buffed,
The deep plot at which you´re glaring,
I´m hooked and I can´t stop reading,
Oh story I wanna get with ya,
And ad a character,
My readers tried to warn me,
But that villain you got,
Make me so corny,


  1. Er

    Hey Juan! Yes? You have family in the Netherlands right? I do, how do you know? That´s unimportant, what´s important right now is that you tell me your favorite Dutch word. I only know a little. That´s enough, now tell me! Okay, okay, it´s er. What...

  2. The Story of That Guy

    He walked down the hall and saw a midget, not just someone smaller then him but a true to life midget. Juan was the midget´s name and he did not mind being called a midget, which is a rare thing among midgets. The man approaching Juan was called Dirp....

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