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  1. Yes, We're at War

    They recognized that their Union was a Fragile one, but when the world is so Close to the Edge of Armageddon, sometimes the most imporant thing to do is Talk. Sometimes Time and a Word can make all the difference. “Open Your Eyes, Herr President&...

  2. The Night I Vanished

    The night I vanished, Mother was crying as she kissed me goodnight. She tried not to show it as she hugged me for what would be the last time. But as she pulled away, she couldn’t hold it any longer. The tears flowed freely. “I love you,”...

  3. The Future is Hard to Hear

    “You’re listening to my future?” she asked. I shushed her quickly. The future is hard to hear. It was a simple enough task. She was writing an article about my gift, like so many had before. They all take the same approach. “Lis...

  4. The Trial Begins

    Stop looking at me, you bastard, I think after we exchange a glance. The judge is entering the courtroom. But honestly, I can’t help looking at him, either. It’s eerie, like an out-of-body experience, because he is me. And she’s sitti...

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