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  1. Adventures of a Department Store Associate: Take 2 More Shifts

    Old sentiments are becoming true once again! The unruly Kingdom has degraded to almost evil Empire status, sad to say. Unwanted pieces of cloth are now tossed into cribs where even babies could never sleep; those garments with cheery yellow tags are us...

  2. Adventures of a Department Store Associate

    I am the Queen of the Fitting Room Empire. I try to rule it well, but any kingdom is given to tantrums at times. When all should be in order, it is not. When rooms should be empty and neat, they are overflowing, items on the walls and racks and seats ...

  3. Peter Pan

    When the sparkling Light woke me up, I knew something was wrong. The Boy had promised to keep away from the nursery as long as I continued to tell stories. I had. I told stories every night, part of me engaged, part of me thinking about the Boy and his...

  4. I'm so done

    with vampires! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. Bumblebee Balloons

    i am four. i am small. my room is BIG. and large, and vast. the ceiling is so tall. i feel little, like a bug in a big room. my bed is big too, i am sitting near the top and the bottom is far away. but in my room, it looks small. my room is not usually...

  6. Breakfast for Dinner

    “We’re having breakfast for dinner.” “What about the ham?” “Your dog ate it. How do you want your eggs?” “Fido ate the whole ham?” “Well yeah, I guess the dumb dog did! It was sitting on the c...

  7. Writers and Wages

    Oh dear. Oh my. What happened to the time? Ficly, I’ve abandoned you, but not because I wanted to. Apparently, one needs money to live. Unfortunately, one needs to WORK to get it. Nice work would be nice. Oh to be paid to write! (wondrousjoyousfr...

  8. Letting Go [poem]

    There is a time for everything you say And I have seen this day by day. Before I saw what I wanted come But now I feel that time is done. What I needed, wanted my desire Consumed me like a raging fire; But I realize now that it cannot last Years from...

  9. wishes

    This wasn’t how I wanted it to happen. I’d concocted some heroic scene in my mind, one in which people are trying to do things I knew were wrong and I in a blaze of self sacrifice and glory save the day, but lose my life in the end. Another...

  10. the most dangerous weapon of all (2)

    The book was not special, as books go. It was not a book of sacred religion, or of discovered science. It did not explain things that were or things that had been or things that could be. It was merely fiction. Lies. Made up things that would never and...

  11. the most dangerous weapon of all

    He stumbled back,hands shaking violently,shielding his eyes from the most dangerous weapon.For years he had been master of the world’s armies,owner of the most powerful attack mechanisms known to man;all had bowed low before him – all but t...

  12. Running from You

    When the light fades, will you find peace there? Or only your insatiable desire for more, more, more. This is why we fear the dark, and live.

  13. Going In

    Oblivious to the one-man pursuit, the couple found themselves immersed in the city’s criminal underworld. Bar lights glared at them from either side of the “street” they walked, hip music with a dance beat blared from overhead speaker...

  14. oh liberty

    how sweet the sound of battle cries at sunset for the home of the brave

  15. free

    where does the feeling beautiful laughter big sky fly to when it goes?

  16. Getting There

    If there was one thing that the two of them had learned in life, it was that no matter where you were or who was after you, there was always a back door. One had only to look for it. Someday they would be able to walk down a street in a busy city holdi...

  17. Late Arrival

    Tammy Lecrae was currently very irritated because she was standing at a bus stop and the bus was late. Her deep brown hair tumbled past the chin-high popped collar of the beige trench coat that she wore. The coat was long enough that the tops of her kn...

  18. music is a place

    why do we presume to know what music is? the effect that it has on us? music is a place that makes me feel alright. the color is good, the lighting is better. music is a feeling, a presence, a warmth – it envelops it surrounds, it penetrates my s...

  19. the Prestige in ten words

    ~~ Magic fools your mind because you want to be fooled. ~~

  20. Return of the Jedi in ten words

    ~~ Sister dumps brother for older guy. But war is over! ~~

  21. Empire Strikes Back in ten words

    ~~ Son has to do backflips but makes out with sister. ~~

  22. A New Hope in ten words

    ~~ Guy’s whiny s0n loses family but gets lightsaber and girl. ~~

  23. Revenge of the Sith in ten words

    ~~ Whiner listens to old guy who thinks he knows everything. ~~

  24. Attack of the Clones in ten words

    ~~ Super-whiny powerful arrogant guy likes to hit on older girls. ~~

  25. Phantom Menace in ten words

    ~~ Super-powerful whiny kid leave his mommy to become a Jedi. ~~

  26. Transformers in ten words

    ~~ Bad alien robots get their buts kicked by hot girl. ~~

  27. Clear Night Sky

    the dark sky is clear that is how we know the stars they are watching us.

  28. genius

    There once was a genius who lived in his room. He didn’t have a job, but it’s not because he couldn’t get one. He didn’t have a girl, but it’s not because they didn’t like him. He didn’t play sports, but itR...

  29. Yellow Silk-like Rose [Retro Ficly]

    On the hardwood floor are small square patches of early morning sunlight, glowing from the uncovered window in my bedroom. I can see the bright spots from where I lie in bed. I haven’t been awake for very long, but long enough to fully wake up and th...

  30. Dead Stars

    Where does a star go when it dies? To wait in the Stardust Place. It’s where all the dead stars are, very much alive. They talk and walk and everywhere they go they leave tiny trails of glittery stuff behind them. Glittery stuff – it is sof...

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