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I can never think of anything to put for my Bio so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I’m Adam, I’m from Cornwall in SW England. Currently doing Engineering at Exeter Uni. I need something to get my creativity out so here I am.


  1. It begins...in HMV

    It started in HMV, that is to say it started for one person. For another, it ended. Waiting in line to purchase the latest and hottest CD release of the week Bens world was about to be upended by sheer bad luck and a cursed fate. He paid the cashier an...

  2. La Boulangerie

    Jack was hungry, he’d decided on a bite to eat in town. His hunger was derived from the long hours he had been working in Changements Inc. The pay was tre good but the hours were fatigant. Currently they had been b√Ętiment un temps et l’esp...

  3. Once in the Facility

    I had a dream. I was back on Earth in the recruitment center. Jones was there, his armour was on the floor next to him. I’d only seen him without his armour once. Here. He turned to me then walked to the door at the end of the Corridor. He opened...

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