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I am a young writer who enjoys expressing herself with ink and paper… once it is printed from the computer.


  1. Post Mortem

    The room was perfectly white without even a microscopic stain of scarlet, despite the vulgar smell of death that encumbered the room. I tried to breath through my mouth, but I still felt repulsed. Although the feeling of disgust disintegrated when a ch...

  2. If you only knew my name

    I was at world’s end and the only thing I could see around me was water. A vast spread of deep blue that ran off the horizon. I wasn’t swimming and yet I was still afloat. I remained emotionless, that was until I saw him in the distance. As...

  3. Shoah

    I opened the curtains and tried to contain my anger. I saw all the other kids grudgingly walking to school, not realizing how lucky they were. I wasn’t allowed to go to school, the park, the swimming pool, the ice rink, anywhere. The signs read &...

  4. Waiting for Luke

    Deirdre looked at her watch for what must have been the fiftieth time that night. Nine o’clock passed by, then nine fifteen and finally nine thirty… Her brow wrinkled even more with every passing minute. Luke’s train was thirty minute...

  5. The Last House on Fenwick Street

    Fenwick Street is a perfectly normal street. Well, almost. All the houses are quaint, with gardens and children playing hopscotch on the sidewalk. Except one. Fenwick street has a remarkable Summer breeze that wafts along the pavement. Until you arrive...

  6. Disfigured

    I lay motionless in the dark alleyway while my life was hanging by a thread. Sog was looking down at me, satisfied with his work. If I showed even an inkling of a sign that I was still alive, he’d make sure he finished his job properly this time....

  7. Forget Me

    She was coming towards me, and despite my urge to flee the country, I knew I couldn’t avoid her any longer. Looking at her now made me feel sick. She wasn’t what disgusted me, it was what we had done, and looking at her was only a reminder....

  8. Plucking

    I caress the old instrument, tracing the wooden pattern I know so well. I pluck a string and listen to the the low vibration. I let my tears fall. I wish I knew how to play. I wish I could pick up my violin’s bow and play. My family had always be...

  9. One Option

    I look at the lifeless figure sprawled out on the floor, then back at the gun in my hand. Suddenly, I realize the magnitude of my previous actions. My heart is beating so strongly that I feel it might pop out of my chest. Sweat has spread all over my b...

  10. Chicken

    What’s the point of living, if you don’t take chances? I hit the excellarator and let the car fly. Jackson was a wimp; he wouldn’t last long. He’d probably swerve before our two cars met. I watched his wide brown eyes, behind th...

  11. The Vampyr Myth

    “Tell us again how you started that ‘vampyr’ myth on planet Irth!” my children shouted, their antennas swinging back and forth in the excitement of hearing a story. “It all started when I first visited Irth. I tried to sta...

  12. Waiting... At the Aisle

    I stood there waiting, no longer needing the blush I had put on as my cheeks were now scarlet with embarrassment. I could only imagine how horrible I looked; my face was soaked with sweat from the nerves. Thank goodness for veils. I was getting tired o...

  13. The Elf Goes Pop

    After a frustrating day of eyeing all of the people around him with the hottest objects, the elf rushed to his little elfish house so he wouldn’t be able to see any other people with the marvellous things he couldn’t afford. He took a deep breath a...

  14. The Envious Elf

    The elf’s heart was a cold metal machine, thudding against his metallic arteries. His hands, always pinching, prodding, were robotic claws. His eyes were small, sharp spheres of steel, always remembering. His ears were large microphones instinctively...

  15. A Huntsman's Tale

    Can you bring yourself to kill one whom you love? Even if that love is unrequited, is it still more important than your own life? Could you risk the possibility of never waking each morning, for a girl who could never love you as you love her? My hands...

  16. Agony

    Jared held back my thrashing figure as I wailed and huge salty tears gushed down my face. It was useless writhing, as Jared was too strong and would not let me go. Not until it was all over, but by then it would be too late. Not being able to do anythi...

  17. Goody Two-Shoes Come Undone

    Meryl sat in the corridor leading to the principal’s office, on a plastic chair along with two other students. One whose face was not visible, as it was buried in her hands along with a lake of tears & the other who was banging his fist into ...

  18. Race to the Summit of Mt Perilous

    Ethel panted & panted. Only an hour ago she had been in the lead, sure she was going to get to the top first. Now, her strength was diminishing by the second. Avram and Irwin were in front of her and both seemed to be full of energy. Ethel knelt do...

  19. Emma: Vampire Matchmaker

    Emma Fanghouse lives in Surrey, England on Hearteaterfield Estate with her elderly widowed father. Emma is forever young, immortally beautiful and witty, but she hides a dark secret. “Emma! Don’t tell me you’re trying to matchmake wit...

  20. The Challenge

    Meg looked around, and doubted Jasper was going to show up after all. She sat down on the cold grass and only then realized it had been raining an hour before and that the jade blades of grass were still moist. Now with a wet behind, she stood up. Why ...

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