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  1. Waking Horror

    She could still hear the screams. He’d railed at them, cursed them. His eyes – Lord above, his eyes. What fire had burned within them; what madness had stirred in their depths! They had been two pits, as if the long-nailed hands of Insanity...

  2. Bastogne's Bastards

    I can’t stop shaking. If there’s a hell in this world, it’s a place where the snow lies quietly and the mist moves along the ground in a fine cloud. Everyone knows what’s beyond those dark trees. (But fear is poison.) My hands a...

  3. Little Words

    It’s quiet. He can hear the crunch of snow as his daughter stands on one foot and then the other. He notices her red hands, and wonders how long she’s been searching. Their home isn’t far away from the schoolhouse, and he began to worry when she ...

  4. Little Things

    She tells him about it in a quiet voice, eyes downcast. But she realizes that Papa’s listening, and that makes a bit of something unknown swell in her chest. “We could get another one, yeah?” Her mouth tightens. “The store has plenty of them.

  5. Little Actions

    The light’s failing. She still keeps a lookout for a small, brown shape in the dunes of white. She remembers the feel of it between her palms, downy and warm. Papa had been smiling when he gave it to her, and the thought of going home without it is e...

  6. Little Thoughts

    The cold air bites at her fingers. It’s almost like Mrs. Richards’ little dog from down the lane, she thinks, because it hurts and nips at her hands and their exposed ends. She couldn’t search the snow well enough with her mittens on,...

  7. Trickmaster

    The haze clears. He remembers why he’s chained to this throne of cobwebs and starlight, why he’s grounded here, at the edge of midnight. Hunger rips at him from the inside, a frenzied monster gone too long without sustenance. Thirst strangl...

  8. Without

    At first it’s just a flicker. She blinks to make sure she saw correctly, but her mouth is there in the mirror and she gives herself a preparatory smile. It looks good. She walks through the day on the safe road that she has paved for herself with...

  9. Mute

    Most things begin at the beginning. I cannot start there, for our beginning has no survivors. However, I can tell you what the world was like when I was younger. It was bright: bursting at the seams with color and sonorousness and sensations. Each brea...

  10. Scream

    There hadn’t been any warning. Her demons would come out at night, when her eyes were large and liquid and her face was a mask of fear. “I don’t,” she had said, stuttering for a start, “I can’t be in a place where pe...

  11. The Lymond Chronicles in Ten Words

    Francis Crawford – Lymond – is back. Poor Scotland. Poor Philippa. (If you haven’t read these books (and you love the Renaissance), you totally should! :D)

  12. And I Saw the Ocean

    I drowned on August fifteenth of the year 2006. The sun glinted off of the pellucid water; it created a web of turquoise and white around me, struck me dumb with its brilliance. A cloud of fine ivory sand followed my wake whenever I moved. I was sure t...

  13. The Little Red House

    Her glasses are tossed into the pile. Belatedly, a small hand slips into hers, frigid and grimy; and she grips it. They are going together.

  14. Chain of Order

    Yesterday, Nina was taken to the port. She cried too much for my liking – it made me want to cry, too. She made us sweets and left them on the counter with a note blurred and softened by tears; it was just like her. She did it despite the beating...

  15. She Is

    She’s got what I like to call ‘Lady Guinevere’ hair. It’s beautifully long and streaked with gold. She flatly refuses that it looks blonde. No one can ever tell what color her eyes are, since there are so many hues jam-packed in...

  16. Green & Dance

    “Come on! You simply can’t refuse this, can you?” Her eyes flickered to the torrential rain, and her mouth tightened into a small line. “I can.” He knelt before her, legs long and lanky; he didn’t know where to put t...

  17. Before & After

    Everyday, the Book lost and gained pages. Every hour, the Book became thinner, and then turned grossly fat, and then shed its excess pages, continuing in a vicious cycle and reminding Saya how many people flickered in and out of the world. Rowan asked ...

  18. Self Pity

    Her mother worked in a hospital. Her father ran the hospital. “Nurse Kirk’s daughter,” or “Dr. Kirk’s daughter” was all they said. It was never her name. It was something she was sometimes glad for. She tried not to ...

  19. Borrowed Time

    She remembered the feeling of nauseous weightlessness as clearly as she recalled her non-existent measurement. Ice had clambered down her spine as she looked at her name. No line was drawn next to her stupid name. She had seen it clearly – there ...

  20. Madame Shrew (Translation)

    “Xenia! Xenia! Wake up, my girl – we don’t have much time!” The day hasn’t even started yet and mom has sent Eleftheria to to get me out of my bed. Even from where I was, I could hear grandma in the kitchen. Chaos first th...

  21. Μαντάμ Μέγαιρα (Madame Shrew)

    —Ξένια! Ξένια! Ξύπνα, κορίτσι μου – δέν έχουμε πολύ χρόνο! Η μέρα δεν είχε ακόμα αρχίσει και ήδη η μάμα έχει στείλει την Ελευθερία να μ

  22. Blank Entry

    The other one I have published is the real entry – two were published by accident.

  23. The Book

    The first time she had seen it, it was a wet, bedraggled thing, and she had wanted little to do with it. She hadn’t picked it up – Rowan had. “Saya,” he had said, brown eyes bright, “look at the patterns on the front. This...

  24. Now and Forever

    The apartment was dark and musty; the fingers of sunlight had not brushed the living room in days. The whole building was buzzing with the news. Everyone three floors above and below had heard the fight – the screams, the insults, the words. She ...

  25. Psyche

    The fire spreads before them, a carpet of flames and heat; her eyes are wide and frightened, his, lazily half-closed in twisted humor. “You maniac!” He smiles.

  26. Dying Embers

    ..[].. Torched, charred. Ashes. Lina – silenced forever. ..[]..

  27. Honesty

    “B-but – my mom – " “How old are you?” A sniff. “Nine. Ten on June seventeenth.” “Come with me.” “My mom!” “What about your father?” That stopped him. He faltered for a ...

  28. Stupid Decisions

    The minute he was out of the oven, he stretched his legs and looked around curiously. His expression twisted slightly, as if he couldn’t comprehend what he was seeing. Suddenly, his eyes scrunched up and he turned to Beatrice, dark gaze pleading....

  29. First Impressions

    He was too busy holding his head between his hands and squeezing his eyes shut, no doubt awaiting the fatal blow that would never arrive. When he realized that nothing had hurt him, his eyes cracked open and she caught sight of a dark, coal- black iris...

  30. Me & You

    With swiftness borne of habit, the pistols slid comfortably out of their holsters and found their way into her hands. She was not in the mood for such dealings. Walking out from behind the disheveled counters, she cautiously stepped around fragments of...

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