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Hi im Rafa! Im from Corrientes, Argentina, yeah, I know, deep in south america right?! Yay! So here are my stories, hope you like them, and lets create something beautiful, are you in? Im sure you are, so lets do it!


  1. Welcome - Part 5

    We crossed the doors of the old building and there the sun flashed my face, it was like a dead new york, old buildings, many cars, many noises, and many skeleton people…and animals too! Manuel: You have a missing triangle, that has a meaning. Me:...

  2. Welcome - Part 4

    There was a big missing there. So I freaked out! Manuel: Calm down, you’re here because you were “not that good” and because of that you have a hole there. We need to find that part and then you can go to heaven, and I will get my thi...

  3. Welcome - Part 3

    Manuel: This is the Land of the Dead, let me give you a brief introduction to this new life, or death, or whatever you wanna call it. “When you die, your soul goes to the Land of the Dead. Before you’re waken up, God choose if you’re ...

  4. Welcome - Part 2

    I touched my face just to realise that is was naked, by naked I mean, I only had a skull, no skin, no muscle, just bone. I terrified, it was like a real life horror movie. Y put down the fabric that was covering the “holes” where I uses to ...

  5. Welcome

    So here I am, the last thing I remember was putting the cold gun in my mouth and pulling the trigger, my life was no the quite “perfect life” you would expect in a 21 years college student. So I can’t see nothing, I mean, its all dark...

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