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Just a girl with a love for words. I write fiction, erotica, and really mediocre (at best) poetry.
I think I’ve been doing this all my life.


  1. I had to try it (Mature)

  2. Remember (Mature)

  3. Breathe (Mature)

  4. Darkened Sarah

    Darkened Sarah was not afraid. To win the heart of her true love, she had to kill the Shattered King once and for all. Keeping that in mind kept all fear away. Darkened Sarah was not worried that she would fail. Two years spent gathering every tidbit a...

  5. The screaming

    Kara told her parents, night after night, that the monsters were coming. Night after night, they told her not to worry. But still she heard them coming, cloven feet, sharpened talons, slime-coated bellies, undulating forward. Until one night, the windo...

  6. Dangerous Youth

    I was never afraid of her. People don’t believe me, especially when I tell them I’ve seen her work. But I’ve also seen her getting dressed, and she puts her pantyhose on one delicious leg at a time (though her’s come with a seam...

  7. Seating Arrangements

    The house smelled delicious. Not of food, or even incense. It smelled of Julia. Nicole couldn’t help but wonder if this is what it was like to be drunk. “C’mon, I’ll put on some music.” Julia it a couple of buttons on an ...

  8. The Bus Stop

    But thats what Julia was. Story. Drama. Danger. Nicole loved people, loved to learn about their lives. Sadly, she didn’t have much of her own. But since the day she met Julia, just shared a smile for a moment, she knew what life she wanted. Sitting a...

  9. ignore

    oops, not wht I meant to do. I’ll fix this later, I suppose

  10. Better than the first

    I hadn’t been this nervous since high school and my very very very first date. But it became a little bit like panic when I realized I couldn’t seem to buckle the ankle strap and might have to wear a not-planned-for-a-week pumps. Jenny̵...

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