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  1. Dear God, from Caveboy Billy 2

    Dear God, I heard that Cousin Buddy was eaten by a mama velociraptor the other day. I think I saw her eyeing me yesterday while Sue was over at our cave. You don’t think she wants to eat me, do you? Amen, Caveboy Billy

  2. Dear God, from Cavegirl Mary

    Dear God, Mamma Jane got really mad at me yesterday for hitting Billy over the head with a bowl. She said I should apologize to you, so I’m sorry and I’ll be a good girl from now on. Amen, Cavegirl Mary If I behave for long enough, I get to...

  3. Dear God, from Cavegirl Sue

    Dear God, I found a good use for that big pile of small rocks I found last week. Help me find some more, okay? Amen, Cavegirl Sue

  4. Dear God, from Caveman Bob 3

    Dear God, Thank you for the white rocks I found the other day. I discovered that I could use them to make marks on the wall. They work much better than mud. Amen, Caveman Bob

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