Ram Catere's & Rajhanse Mangel Kendra

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Ram Catere’s is one of the most Catere’s in indias most trusted firm working in pune and all over india service provide

  • Started November 10th, 2010.
  • Ended November 17th, 2010.

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Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    So… Who won?

  2. Avatar Radical Yellow Duck

    ok, pune seems to be an indian city. At first I thought it might have been a mispelling of pun or prune.

    To the people on the sub continent, welcome, but this isn’t the place for an ad. And I can assure you, whatever goods or services you offer, I will absolutely never use you for any reason due to your spam ad on our website.

    So with that out of the way, when are you and the chicom’s gonna go kick some paki butt?

  3. Avatar The Silence [All By Myself] {LoA}


  4. Avatar Krulltar

    You got to love black hat style advertising

  5. Avatar Krulltar

    How much would it cost for one order of tandoori chicken (including naan bread)? Is there a discount if I buy in bulk?

  6. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    So random, it’s funny. Kind of sad, but still funny.

    Now, do I risk using Google to find out what pune is here at work?

  7. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I think perhaps this strange man/woman is advertising … “pune” … on a writing website where the majority of people do not even live in India…

  8. Avatar Kihd

    Maybe I missed something, but what are we are we supposed to do? I don’t understand…

  9. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I think you have missed the point of this website.

  10. Avatar JC Tovil

    not cool


    hello sir

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