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“He was an old softie who needed to be taken down a notch, Cin…besides; Kaylor thought it was really funny.”

“You’re a bad influence on His Highness. Can you imagine him ruling the kingdom with you at his back, egging him on?” Cinder’s face took on an expressive look of horror, apparently imagining this particular scenario.

“Come on Cinder, stoppit. Let’s go do something fun, eh?” Accamel fidgeted and stood up in a bolt of energy. Cinder groaned and hauled herself to her feet as well.

“Ace…come on, now. Nothing crazy…”

Accamel turned around and smiled mischievously at his mentor. “Cinder, you should know by now- with me, it’s always crazy!”

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  1. Avatar Oy

    This is the 100th ficly!

  2. Avatar Insert Pen Name Here

    Dude! Awesome! :D

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