My Worst Enemy - Perverts.

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The boys were staring at me pervertedly in the back of the classroom.

I slouched in my chair trying to less appealing, but that only caused my skirt to rise more over my legs. It was a mini skirt.

“Why did I have to wear this today!?”

The leader of the pack: Izzy, pulled out his I-phone and snapped a picture. I quickly adjusted my skirt.

“Why did I have to be the only girl in Tech. Ed.? Why!” I thought

“Am I just an object to them?”

I knew all of these pictures would be going on facebook unless I did something. I put my jacket over my legs and crossed my arms. Foolish looking? Yes. But it did keep them from looking at me in that… Ugh, perverted way.

The boy behind me leaned forward and lifted the back of my skirt.

And was suddenly thrown to the back of the room.

He crashed into several desks on his way back.

The Teacher turned around from the board confused and horrified.

Noone knew what had truly happened except me.

Later in the day Izzies I-phone dissapeared.

I was a telekinetic.

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  1. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    ^ Must agree. Not all of us are pervs.

    Good story.

  2. Amj Lone Writer

    I vouch tor Bart not being perverted. :P
    Way to go, TSS.

  3. Avatar Sam Ervin

    I-phone, if you want to get technical, is spelled “iPhone.”

    Otherwise, fun story, and not too far from the truth in many schools.

  4. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Fair enough. A lot of us are pervs. I like the story idea and the situation you’ve imagined. Couple of nit-picky things to help your writing, as follows. Try not to start sentences with ‘and’. If it’s still her thinking, putting the next statement on a different line is a little confusing. The last sentence could have been present tense maybe something less direct (eg, There are perks to being a telelpath). The way it its sounds like your narrator has lost the power or died.
    Lovely story, just throwing some things out there for general improvement.

  5. Avatar illusionistic

    This was awesome, I loved it!

  6. Avatar Mackizme

    I second everything THX said! Great job!

  7. Avatar Bob Liddil

    Imaginative and straight to the point. Can’t think of a better way to use a superpower or a better superpower to use on the smarmy!

  8. Avatar DoItForScience

    There’s nothing wrong with a pervert, the problem lies with perverts who are either unaware that they are perverts or are unable to control themselves. This leaves the moral characterization of the teenage boys more in the black than the white, since these boys obviously either are unaware or won’t control themselves (speaking as an ex-teenage boy, both are distinct real possibilities), but what can we tell of the moral character of the telekinetic protagonist? Was she aware of her abilities before this? Why not just use her telekinetic powers to hold her skirt in place? Or just knock the guy over sideways? Or why not just scream, “Ah! WTF are you doing lifting up my SKIRT!?!” slap the offender viciously, and storm out of there directly to the Principal’s Office?

    BTW, lucky protagonist with perverts being her worst enemy. She got off light.

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