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Outside the door, I exhaled strongly. Here we go again, I thought. Forming my mouth into a smile, I pushed open the door.

He was standing in the middle of the room, that was new, and his back was to me, again unusual. I stood at the door a second taking him in. He was lean, probably muscular under the brown jacket he was wearing. But that was all I could tell from his back. I closed the door with a click and he turned round.

My hand flew to my mouth when I saw his face. It was the guy I’d fallen on. The one that’d made my heart skip a beat. A grin split his face as he took in my own, barely glancing at the rest of me. He hesitatingly took a few steps towards me, stopping himself quickly.

Surely this was a hallucination. I reasoned once again. But the evidence was too strong against it. Mr. Black had seen him so he couldn’t be. I also took a step closer, stopping myself as he had.

His grin remained, his eyes glistening once again. He spoke the most beautiful words I’d ever heard.

“Hello Becky”

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  1. Avatar ethelthefrog

    Who? WHO, damnit?

    Five pencils for the sheer suspense.

  2. Avatar Jenni Summers

    haha! I like leaving you in suspense!

  3. Avatar Catherine

    Yes! She’s saved! I hope….

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Hallucination? by Jenni Summers