Shay Discovers

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I left Gabe alone because I knew he’d find that junior soon enough, and I had an agenda of my own. I walked around in the crowd for awhile, unsure if she was here or not. Her. That beautiful girl who was staring at me yesterday at the game. I felt shivers even at the memory of her deep blue eyes.

The crowd bounced and surged as I weaved my way through people and furniture, trying to find that familiar face. I knew she had to be here. I felt her presence. The swell of the crowd pushed me onto the stairs, and, finding no other alternative, I scurried up the steps, glancing through each doorway I passed.

I knew there was a connection. Through gossip I had found out her name was Jane, and through extensive facebook research, I knew the basics of her personality. I was hooked. She had to be here. She had to be with me.

Puzzled, I noticed Gabe standing at the end of the hall, staring into one of the bedrooms. Sneaking up behind him, I glanced over his shoulder. Jane. ..Austin? The breath caught in my throat.

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