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“Good evening, Alan,” I greeted my husband as I sauntered into our bedroom. I could already see beads of sweat forming at his brow. I tended to have that effect on him.

“You would never believe who I ran into this morning,” I began, my manicured fingers disappearing into the folds of my tailored dress. “A friend of yours – actually, a little more than a friend-”

“Karen, you know I would never-”

“Cheat on me? How can I be sure you haven’t? Especially when she clearly has feelings for you. Do you love her? Tell me the truth, Alan.”

“Of course not. I knew Camilla was fond of me, but I never felt-”

“Liar!” I screamed at him, my face contorting in a violent rage. In my anger, I sent a porcelain vase flying into the wall, where it smashed into sharp pieces.

“Karen, this is madness. Every week you accuse me-”

“You know what, Alan? I’m sick of it. Of always having to check your texts and calls. I think its time we split up.”

A shot exploded from my gun, concealed by my dress.

“You had it coming,” I muttered.

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  1. Avatar Nouvelle Bardot

    wasn’t expecting explosive gunfire. it sounds like the woman is a little unstable.

  2. Avatar scratch'n'scrawl

    Hahaha…yes, Nouvelle, just a little unstable.

    This is a very good piece of writing, especially considering you already have an inkling where it will lead to, because you know the challenge. But even so, it grabbed me, held me, and surprised me at the end.

    The gunshot out of nowhere was a lovely touch.

  3. Avatar thelostgirl

    Poor Alan, I wonder if he really did cheat on her? She never lets him finish a sentence either.
    Nicely done.

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    concealed gun was a shock, despite the title being all about murder, and the fact that he says ‘every day’ she accuses him, plus her obsession with his texts clues us in to her insanity. Though he knew who she was talking about, he provided the name Camille, so there was some sort of guilt..

  5. Avatar Horrorfan13

    This is very good. The gunfire did surprise me. I expected a noiseless death-say smothering or knifing. So this works well at grabbing the reader and surprising the reader as well.