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Its 12:14 AM, New Years Day, January 1st 2010.

I get into bed and slide under all four blankets, in my tank top and shorts pajamas that my mom never understands. Its a new year and I’m kind of excited, for all the usual reasons.

Then I remember 2009.

I remember the pain, and the failure. I remember the rain and the dark and the words and the fights. I remember falling in love, being rejected, heartbroken torn and confused.

Its 2010.

I gasp, and my fingers curl around the white wrought iron swirls of my bed with a death grip. Every emotion that I had in 2009 hits me at the same time, overshadowing them all is Fear. I shut my eyes tight and try to breathe but only succeed in hyperventilating.

Oh my God…

I can’t go through another year. I can’t do it. I can’t!

My whole body starts to shake violently underneath the covers, I start sweating and my other hand clutches my teddy bear desperately. I can’t breathe, the fear, the struggle, the uncertainty, its consuming me.

Its 2010.

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  1. Avatar Elisabeth L. Davis(LoA)

    This is what happened to me the next morning. Everything from the last year, except for the positives, hit me incredibly hard.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    very vivid! it’s best to think that you got that out of you system and 2010 is time to start over. Don’t be afraid to fall, maybe plan better, and embrace those moments that make you happy. Forgive. Love. Smile. Laugh.

  3. Avatar D.S. Aly

    That’s what I did as well; I reminisced on the events of the previous year. But then I reminded myself that we create these events ourselves and even though some things are out of our control, everything happens for a reason =)

  4. Avatar .:Band Baby:.

    beautifully told. =)

  5. Avatar Raegan Dauterive

    I like it :)
    Very vividly written. I felt the emotion.

  6. Avatar blusparrow (LoA)

    Well sure there is a great fear but as elsh said it’s time to start over. I love the emotion. Beautifully written

  7. Avatar Mr.Gabriel


    Very emotional.

  8. Avatar The Silence [All By Myself] {LoA}

    Is something wrong? talk to me.

  9. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Exactly what happens to me on new year. Including the teddy!! =O=D
    Don’t worry and just hope you get through it – it’s what I do…
    I don’t know…I mean I hate the emotion of 2010 (scary number) but it’s so overpowering, so many possibilites – excited to.
    I loved this…
    Now I don’t need to write it coz someone else has.
    Forget the bad and remember the good buddy.
    Abby x

  10. Avatar ALRO613 (LoA)

    Great story.. and i hope you don’t mind; i sequeled to put thing into perspective :)

  11. Amj Lone Writer

    Thanks Yoda. :)

  12. Avatar Ruby Slippers

    “Thanks for the memories / Even though they weren’t so great”