No More Unfair Tests (If I ruled...)

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“These tests are unfair.” Susan slumped into a chair across from me.
“You’re telling me! Everybody is having trouble with them.” I shoveled salad into my mouth.
“Wait until the scores come back.” She said as she turned to retrieve her microwave meal.
“Yeah, the parents will be in an uproar.” I sipped my flavored water.
“I heard they won’t count against us.” She sat down and raised her brows at me.
“Good. I’m not losing my job over this.” I tossed my salad unnecessarily with my fork.

Mrs. Smith, please call the office.

“That’s my cue. Half my third period class is in in-school.” I stood and gathered my half-eaten lunch.
“That bad?”
“They are just wiped out from all the stress and you know how they can’t handle that.” I scoffed, “It doesn’t even test them on the right things! They have to read a long story problem, then write out the answer in words, on a math test? Come on!”
“And your kids can’t read!”
“I know.”
“Someone should do something about the outrageous testing.”
“I would, if i ruled the world!”

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  1. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    The students’d appreciate that one, I can tell ya (even though the test administrators may argue that fairness is subjective…)

  2. Avatar April Raines

    Ah, the joys of the FSA. (That’s what it’s called here). I know those teachers. :)

  3. Avatar ernmander

    I loved the descriptive quality of this very very good.