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“Fine,” I say. I take in a deep breath because there is a lot to say, “Well, his name’s Andy. He’s 19, taking a year off from college to explore the USA, just to see which state he wants to study in. Uh, he wants to major in advertising. And has a little sister named Chloe. Anything else?”

“Wow. You only got that much after talking all night?” Kylie asks a little disappointed. I can’t blame her, I wanted to know more to, but thanks to her, I didn’t have enough time, “Did you at least get his number?”

“Mhm, he told me to call him if I ever got bored,” I say.

“Uh huh. Bored or close to him?” Kylie asks suspiciously. I chuckle.

“Maybe both? But, hey, let me call him right now and find out,” I reach in my pocket for the napkin and my cheap phone. I dial the number and unexpectedly the annoying lady’s voice comes on saying,

“I’m sorry. Your phone has been… Disconnected,” I’m taken aback and dial again, only to hear the same lady say the same thing.


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  1. Avatar .:Band Baby:.

    ouchh. that sucks. and that was not a nice move. .

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