The Distraction Field (Elsha's Cyberpunk Series)

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A lone woman walked down the sidewalk, unmolested despite the late hour. Any criminals planning on mugging her for whatever was in the large briefcase she carried were soon distracted by something else, sometimes the ringing of a cell phone, sometimes the barking of the dog. A mugger managed to keep attention on her for long enough to see a bolt of white energy hit her in the back of the neck, making her crumple to the ground. He wasn’t there when the originator of the energy bolt appeared to drag her away.

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  1. Avatar Marli

    Welcome back Oy. We have been commiserating on ficly chat about you amongst others deserting us.

  2. Avatar Oy

    I’m sorry I haven’t been on for a while. I quit during NaNoWriMo and never quite got around to coming back on. But where’s ficly chat?

  3. Avatar Marli

    AOL chat. go on chat and look for ficlets or marli3757 or Elsha is Hawkmistress. There is quite a few ficley folks on there.

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    here we have the AI droid..zapping and kidnapping. :)

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