Told You So

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I was smugly confident, for I had science on my side. Armageddon? 2012? Nonsense! It was just another page in the Mayan calendar. Just one more fantasy from the snake-oil peddlers out for a fast buck.

Then they saw the meteor coming. It would be bad, but it wouldn’t tear apart the Earth. At first, people didn’t believe a rock so small could do so much damage, but surprisingly they listened and evacuated. The evacuations saved millions, but millions did perish. It was certainly a tragedy, but we would survive.

What we didn’t count on was finding out that Life existed elsewhere in the universe. The age old question had finally been answered. Virulent microbes had hitched a ride inside the rock that slammed into the ground where the Dallas crater now resides.

Now the extraterrestrial plague is wiping us out, rotting our flesh one by one. They’re working on a cure, but it won’t be in time. The projections say that unless the scientists find an anecdote, we’ll all be gone in December of 2012.

As predicted.

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  1. Avatar Fuddster

    Thanks for your comments. I’m quite skeptical by nature and don’t give much weight to the prediction games. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to play with it a bit…

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