Desk #2: Randy Lee

Avatar Author: Ruby Slippers "This is my letter to the World / That never wrote to Me" - Emily Dickinson Read Bio

The note landed back on Randy’s desk. He felt encouraged when he read Ben’s support of his plan. Even though Randy figured Ben liked Laura too, he knew Ben wouldn’t have the guts to do anything about it.

Besides, Randy was only popular by default, and so his girlfriend options were limited. He was friends with Mr. Basketball himself, Tim, and so girls would talk to him, but not date him. He hoped Laura, the new girl, would be different. She hadn’t been here for the awkward elementary years like the other girls. He might actually have a chance with her.

After all, Ben had his writing, just like Tim had basketball, and Tyler had skateboarding. Randy didn’t have anything. It was hard to be involved when he had to be home every night to help with his dad. After the divorce, when his mom took off, his dad promised everything would be ok. Now, five years later, he hadn’t heard from his mom, and his dad’s alcoholism was getting harder to hide. But maybe Laura, with her sad eyes, was someone he could talk to.

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  1. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    Well, you went in a different direction with Ben. I actually made him so that he liked Randy, but hey, this works too.

  2. Avatar Ruby Slippers

    Just went back and read your story, and I see that now. Sorry!

  3. Avatar Gradual Uprising {LoA}

    I too come from a banana split! (that’s what we call divorced in ohio). I feel a good connection to this character!