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The world stopped. Surrounded by sudden stillness, the voice of … god?… spoke to me.
" What made you ask that question? "

I wanted to ask, scream, shout. What was going on? Instead I was simply compelled to answer. “I don’t know. It just occurred to me.”

It said “Well, you’ve crashed the simulation. Without knowing how that question came to you, we can’t stop it happening again. We’ll have to erase you.”


“What you know as the world around you, is a simulation. We can play with it. Rewind it, change it as needed. It’s just that you’re not conducive to a successful run-through.”

“So I’m going to die?”

“We can’t just rewind and wipe it from your memory. It’ll only happen again.” It sounded .. apologetic?

“Don’t think of it as dying. You’re not really alive. You’ll never have lived.”

“Wait! Don’t erase me! Not completely! Please!”

“Ok. We can leave – something.”

You may not remember this reader. You may think I’m just a character in a story, you happened to find. But you & I were friends once.

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  1. Avatar Gurth

    Style is pretty good. Unaffected, unpretentious, clear, easy to read, poetically acceptable (not rhythmically jarring, or cacophonous). rate 4.6
    Content interesting, thought-provoking, a bit obscure technically which is not a bad thing.. rate 4.1

  2. Avatar Gradual Uprising {LoA}

    way to be technical gurth.

    I rate it a 4.14967598.
    for reasons unbeknownst to me. Haha.

    Very thought provoking! but struck me as kind of Matrix-like.

  3. Avatar Catherine

    Well I think this story is a 5.000000007
    I agree with the above comments this really made me think especially the couple of lines.

  4. Avatar Paige Elizabeth

    Very Good!

    This was interesting to read and met the challenge nicely. I agree with Grad, it did make me think of The Matrix but the last couple of lines were great.

  5. Avatar H.S. Wift

    I love this, it’s great, so I will officially give you a 9/5. I will technically give you a 3.14159265. Yes. I know Pi.

  6. Avatar The Note Writer

    Well, I will give it a 5.55555555555555!

  7. Avatar The Third Robot

    This reminds me of a Star Trek episode.

    I like.

  8. Avatar Ruby Slippers

    This fits the challenge well. And I like sci-fi. Soooo…. 5.1!

  9. Avatar BegoniaRob

    Love it. Very fun read and good irony at the end.

  10. Avatar kaellinn18

    You could eliminate everything except the last paragraph, and this would still be interesting and thought-provoking.

  11. Avatar H.S. Wift

    I finally ask you if I can steal this story’s concept, now that the story I wrote by its theft has been featured and won a challenge.

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