(Happy) Birthday

Avatar Author: Ruby Slippers "This is my letter to the World / That never wrote to Me" - Emily Dickinson Read Bio

It was Cora’s 18th birthday, and she looked beautiful. Her straight brown hair had been curled for the occasion, and it fanned out around her heart-shaped face. Her mother had agreed to a little pink lipstick, to add some color, and because pinks and reds were Cora’s favorite.

The light, floral dress she wore was too sheer for February, but her mother knew it was the dress that made her sweet daughter feel pretty. It was Cora’s birthday; her mother would have said yes to anything to make her daughter happy.

Cora’s boyfriend, Dalton, had taken her out for a birthday dinner three days ago, despite the approaching snow storm.

He was still in the hospital, and so wouldn’t get to see Cora in her dress, or her casket, today.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    oh! ouch! what a twist! I did not expect that!

  2. Avatar Violet Turner

    Fantastic twist! I’m just not sure her hair would have been curled for the occasion…

  3. Avatar Ruby Slippers

    Thanks! I did the curled hair for two reasons. First, I have straight brown hair, and I try to fight that with my curling iron whenever possible; I though maybe Cora would have been the same way. Second, I really wanted to portray her mom as overly attentive: curled hair, lipstick, favorite dress. The things she knew her daughter would have wanted.

  4. Avatar Gurth

    A tour de force. Of structure and development. The first 2 paras set the scene, the 3rd is shorter and says more, the climax is devastating in its laconic, understated way.

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