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My heart stops beating for a second. I’m speechless, I mean, I have so many things to say, so many things I want to do. Hold him, kiss him, talk to him.

“Gabe, please say something…” He says nervously. But why? He must know that I like him. How could he not?

“So you were flirting,” I, accidentally, say aloud.

“I was trying at least. I don’t know, I was just nervous,” Austin nervous? That’s unheard of! He’s one of the most outgoing people in school.

“You know what’s funny?”


“I like you too,” I say bluntly. No more hidden meanings or wondering or guessing. I want everything out in the open. He smiles and his shoulders drop, meaning he’s relaxed. He takes a step closer to me and looks into my eyes. His smile is beautiful and I can’t stop staring at his amazing lips. Is this what happens when you’re about to kiss? If so, it’s going to happen…

Please, don’t do this! We can work this out!” Someone’s voice comes from the direction of the car. Shay must be in trouble. This’ll have to wait.

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  1. Avatar GIDC

    rawr the twist on the end killed me inside. i was waiting for the amazing kiss. haha but i guess thats what a good story is :) good job!

  2. Avatar Mackizme

    oh no! are bad things happening with shay and jane?? I guess I’ll have to figure out soon so I can write the next one..haha

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