Pandemic Prom

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“You look totally great, Adrienne. I love how you bejeweled your Hazmat suit.”
“Thanks, hon! Your virus mask really brings out your eyes.”

It was time for Pandemic Prom: the one event that the students of Last Survivors High School looked forward to all year. It was also the one time when we were allowed to be in groups of more than 6 people at a time, so it was totally the bomb. Er… bad word choice.

Anyway, we were having the time of our radiation-shortened lives, cursing the over-zealous chaperones. I swear they’re against all kinds of fun- I mean, dancing three feet away from your date is not a big deal, so I don’t know why they were all obsessed with making it five.

After the government-certified, extra-purified bottles of MegaWater were running low, we all climbed into the nearest Rent-a-Tank and partied it up all night! …Or, at least until the Safety Advisors told us it was time for the government-enforced curfew.

It was for sure the best night since before the meteors hit!

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  1. Avatar Ruby Slippers

    It’s nice to know that some things, like hormones and chaperones, will never change. But was it a bomb, meteor, or pandemic that caused this? Or all three…? (Actually, it is funnier with all three.)

  2. Avatar Music-Hearted

    Thanks, you guys! And Ruby, I purposely made it all three, just to add to the melodrama ;)

  3. Avatar The Third Robot


    I hold nothing but praise for this story.

  4. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Amusing, and feels a bit like a testament to the fact that no matter the times or circumstances, teens will be teens and adults will try to thwart them “for their own good”. Fun little bit of story.

  5. Avatar Raphael Bane

    Its funny but that is extremely scary.
    “Last Survivors High School”? geez…
    Good story though

  6. Avatar Jae

    Funny, especially after watching my friend play fallout 3 for several hours.