Harpoon The Shark

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Annoyed with the sharks unacceptable behavior, you grab the nearest available harpoon. upon grabbing it you find that, to your horror, it’s actually just a stick! You look around and see that everything was merely an illusion! Apparently the combination of sulfurous gases and the one or six drinks you drank earlier before deciding to arrest the shark had an interesting effect. The people were just rock piles and the club a pile of leaves!

You can:

Jump in the leaves and have fun
Stop the shark from biting rock piles
Use the stick as a harpoon anyways
Search for some more drinks

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Comments (5 so far!)

  1. Avatar The Third Robot

    I really have to stop doing these stupid Build-your-own adventures. I can feel my I.Q. plummeting.

  2. Avatar Kay-Teaze

    …But it’s so much fun. And you have to use IQ to make an inventive, humourous sequel…

    But, I can’t help feeling disapointed about it being an illustion – I suppose you felt compelled to correct the plot hole; however, I thought it was supposed to be absurd… just sayin’…

  3. Avatar H.S. Wift

    Besides, TR, how can you plummet from zero?

  4. Avatar The Third Robot

    (fist shake)

  5. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Glad you made the IQ comment so I didn’t have to , Robot. At least this one brings it all back around to something you can get your head around, even if it is a classic/cliche out for a fantastic story.

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