PB&J for Dummies, A dummy Challenge Part Deux

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Assume for the sake of the discussion that it is a sunny day and that you live in the northern hemisphere. At approximately noon, each day, the sun will be in the sky. As you turn to face the sun you will be facing in a primarily southerly direction. Towards your left side, the side that is grasping the peanut butter jar, is east. Towards your right side, is west. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Examine the peanut butter jar lid. However do not release your grasp of the jar itself at the same time or gravity may remove the jar from your immediate control. Upon examination you will discover that the jar lid has a near side (towards you) and a far side (away from you). You wish to move the far side of the jar lid in the opppsite direction as the sun, as it moves across the sky.

If you are in the southern hemisphere, the sun is in the northerly sky. In this case do not attempt to make a PB&J sandwich. Instead please see my book, “How to make a Veggimite sandwich for dummies”.

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  1. Avatar GreatNorthWoodsGirl

    Ducky, you have way, way too much time on your hands! This is hysterical!

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