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She walked along the beach, stooping occasionally to pick up a shell and turn it over in her fingers.

Her life had become as empty and void of meaning as the shells she examined. How had it happened? When had it happened? She couldn’t even pinpoint one event or time in her life when everything had started to fall apart.

Once she had dreams and ambitions. She had wanted to be somebody. All her dreams had been washed away, like sand on a beach. She sighed and stopped walking, looking out over the grey water.

She felt helpless to change anything. It was as if she were caught in a riptide. There was no way out. She didn’t have the strength to fight anymore. She didn’t want to fight anymore.

She walked into the cold, November water and never looked back.

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  1. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Beautiful, and so sad. It’s a fact of life that life doesn’t turn out the way we want it to, eh?
    You really show her desperation using the inner dialogue. Superb :)

  2. Avatar smdasilva {LoA}

    Thanks so much PJ. I am glad her desperation came through.

  3. Avatar shadowlight

    Oh, how sad. I wish she had realized that as long as there is life there is a chance. Any chance she might have changed her mind and turned around? maybe she ended up saving someone else. Sorry, I’m a sucker for happy endings, LOL. This was truly well written and I felt for her. Well done!

  4. Avatar smdasilva {LoA}

    shadowlight – if you wan’t there to be a happy ending, you can write one. It could go either way. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Avatar Robert Quick

    If I had to choose one story on Ficly to embody how I feel about my life, this is the one that I’d choose. It has the right tone, the right feel, and the right ending… Well written and perfect for the challenge.

  6. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Nice use of the seascape metaphor. I was especially caught by the gray water. There’s so much about the beauty of the sea, and that just sort of stuck out as indicative of how she sees the world, bleak and without beauty.

    Did not see the ending coming either.

  7. Avatar Nickel

    God, this is me. The way everything in her head seems just like the seascape – cold, grey, bleak – makes this one tragic scene indeed. Amazing.

    PS: A couple of sentences in the second-last and third-last paragraph seem a little stilted, but that’s not really a big deal. It’s still a good piece.

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