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  1. The Broken Typewriter

    She dolefully looked down upon her typewriter. How could she write her story without the complete set of keys? She never thought of it before, but one missing key could turn her whole plot off-center. Few people understood her trouble when she quickly ...

  2. Bitter Wishes.

    I wish I could write. Something beautiful. Something moving. Something that would express my feelings for you. But I can’t. I can’t do anything but cry.

  3. The House on the Hill

    The house was cold. A bitter crisp cold like the first haunting of a winter’s night. The hallways were silent as she glided through the shadows. Her fingers numbed as she dragged them along the walls. As her fingertips crossed a glassy windowpan...

  4. Mirror Image

    Every morning I would tell her just how beautiful she was. And in return, she would hit me. Her fist would land right square in my center, pushing me to my limit. But I didn’t break. I loved her. I stood by her for years. Trying my hardest to re...

  5. Lying for Love

    They sat among the bar stools sipping gin and tonics. His eyes were very boyish, as he began to recite his well rehearsed speech. “Victoria, I can not continue to see you like this. I can no longer be your sex toy.” “Sex toy?” s...

  6. Motor City Blues

    A plastic bag danced across the vacant street. You walked down the snow covered road, as the wind roared through the midnight sky. The broken glass beneath your feet crunched with every step you made. As you turned left, you are startled by a ferocious...

  7. Grey Days

    The moves seemed monotonous. The everyday routine imprinted into his skull. He didn’t even have to think. His body moved for him. His coat neatly tucked away in the closet. A frozen dinner rotating in the microwave. Fifteen minutes of scanning t...

  8. A strange deal.

    Etsy sat in the cushioned chair, waiting for him to speak. After several moments of silence, it was apparent to her that she would have to break the silence. “You have a nice office sir. It is very tidy.” The old man crossed his fingers an...

  9. Pixie Dust

    “Follow me,” whispered the faerie in a melodic tune. “But daddy won’t let me leave,” replied Leona. The little grey faerie crossed her arms and flew closer to the window sill. “Faith,” the faerie reminded her....

  10. Do not Read.

    Little Xavier stood on the very tip of his toes, peering at the cookie jar. The glass container seemed so far away from the reach of his little hands. Xavier, who was not known to be a quitter, reached out to snatch the jar anyway. Instead of grabbing ...

  11. Monica

    Her name is Monica. She is a bitch to have around. And she is sitting right in front of me. Chomping on her expensive medium rare steak she had to order. Why did I choose an expensive retaurant. That’s right. I didn’t. She did. If only she ...

  12. Ana, Ed, Roger, and The Kid Who Was a Pleasure to Have in Class.

    “No, I can’t pick up Ed today,” shrilled Ana. “I’m in school now! What do you want me to do? Leave work, and go pick him up? What will the students say. We are having a test today, Roger. Do you know how hard it is for a s...

  13. Ferocious Ficlyers Fair

    My name tag scorches my skin as I safety pin it on. ItsMeChristina. I hate this, I thought to myself. Everyone is going to be socilaizing. I hate socializing. Streams of people walk past me shuffling their way to their assigned booths. I hate booths....

  14. Mary's little lamb

    Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow, until it stained a deep blood red, the night she shot her bow. For Mary hated being followed, by her little lamb. Therefore she decided to kill it, with her own two hands. After Mary chopped the le...

  15. The New Year

    “Katana,” she whisperd to him in the cold dark building. Of course they both new that this wasn’t her real name. Real names were left behind after the second stage of the virus broke out. To keep individuals safe, people went by the n...

  16. Watson Alloicious Georgie

    Georgie Alloicious Watson, loved the summer a lot. For in his heart summer contained, a very special spot. Then the wind blew and rushed and roared, and Georgie fell to the ground. When he woke up, and looked about, Spring had some around. “This ...

  17. Georgie Alloicious Watson

    Georgie Alloicious Watson, loved the summer a lot. For in his heart, summer contained a very special spot. Then the wind blew as the seasons were changing, and fall sprinkled against Georgie’s nose. So Georgie ran far away, so quickly he lost his...

  18. Raw 3-d!

    A man sits in an all white room with no visible exit. As the camera zooms into his eyes, you can see the reflection of what he is staring at; a teddy bear sitting on a stack of paper. Still viewing the teddy bear from the reflection of his eyes, a reco...

  19. The Next Move

    Dakotah marched down the white corridors once again, this time with a new weapon at hand. As the scent of the cucumbers drew closer, her stomach began to flip back and forth. The monster was closer than she thought. Upon turning a corner Dakotah immedi...

  20. Confessions

    Pastor Mark closed the door to the confession box. It was silent. “Pastor,” whispered a small voice from the other side. “Yes, my child. What can I do for you?” “I have done something wrong.” “What have you do...

  21. The Bar, The Stool, and The Strangers.

    Elenore walked into the bar, and noticed that her favorite stool was taken up by a rather strange looking man. This would not do. “Excuse me,” she said as she slammed her clutch on the bar counter top. “This is my seat.” The ma...

  22. "I Love You" (Mature)

  23. A Star

    Victoria pressed her feet into the warm sand, and allowed the moons light to seep into her wrinkly skin. It was only here, in the darkness of the night where she could find a sanctuary. Her old, widowed structure was breaking down, along with all of he...

  24. Princess Hands

    Her olive fingertips were warm to the touch. I held her hands firmly, crying tears of joy. I could feel her wedding ring under my palm, gently placed on her finger as usual. “Remember what I said, when I proposed to you?” I asked her. Her e...

  25. Red Walls

    Doctor Shall watched as his patient scratched away at the white wall. “Thimbleton,” screamed Catalina," Where are you?" She was scratching so hard that her fingers had started to bleed. “Please help me! Where are you! If I c...

  26. Mary (Mature)

  27. Route 69 (Mature)

  28. The Code

    Dakotah fingered around her pocket, looking for her lazer. Her fingers came across the cool cylinder, and she pulled it out of her pocket. With her hands cuffed in chains, she pressed a button, and sent a beam right through the cuffs. With her hands fr...

  29. Sinners, Satanists, and Scoundrels.

    Dorothy peeked outside of her window to look at all of the children bustle about the street, picking up sweet treats from all of the houses. “Grandma, why can’t I get candy too?” she asked. Dorothy’s grandma sat in her tall rock...

  30. The Doorbell

    The only sound on Bleaker street was that of the leaves scratching the cold pavement. Two boys stood in front of a dark house, with white paint peeling off of it. “Ring the doorbell,” whispered the fair haired boy. “No way! You do it,...

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