Elenore's Friend

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Elenore simply looked away leaving the waitress defeated. Other guests of this small town diner could be seen ducking behind their menus; no doubt gossiping about the latest events.

Elenore though was oblivious, absorbed in her own thoughts. The breakfast attendants would take turns peaking up from behind their shields whenever the front door bell would chime or to catch a glance of poor betrayed Elenore.

The already hush hush diner became even quieter as Elenore’s friend Kathy came in running to Elenore‚Äôs booth. Soon she was rambling on and on mentioning words like scum bag and slime ball chicken. When Elenore merely sighed and looked away. Kathy stood on the table taking her hand announcing to the world.

“Elenore we know he has hurt you, we are all just as surprised as you are. But I guarantee we will take care of you. And I swear on a ten foot tall stack of the Holy Bible that when this baby is born it will have a proper crib to sleep in.”

Elenore had nothing to say but her eyes said it all for her.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    what a friend!
    it seems the whole town knows about her predicament. he must have been someone famous there, the father and ex(soon to be), and this must be a small town. :)

  2. Avatar Steve Saylor

    Beautiful. I love it!

  3. Avatar Jae

    I love the visual connection between her friend standing on the table and shouting about a ten-foot tall stack of bibles. Unexpected and uplifting!

  4. Avatar shadowlight

    What a great friend! I think it’s great that she is able to break the shame that Elenore must feel as well as the helplessness that the others feel in one fell swoop. Well done!

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