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Tad Winslow, my friend,
I would like to make amends,
but first let me end,
you’re terrible trend
of messing up the flow.
I mean, er, surrend
as there’s no point in continuing
these lyrics that you send.

I don’t want your class,
you pompous ass,
I’d more likely
take a class in free-form jazz.
As I sarcas,
do you get what I mean?

You’re not obscene,
you’re just obsolete.

You’re old,
and like I already told,
you can’t be taken seriously,
if you’re growing mold.


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Inspired by

Mc Muffin still wants lessons? I can sleepwalk his expressions Off the steep stocks of great depressions He needs my permission to cheap talk...

Pastry Puff McMuff by Tad Winslow