Eyes On Fire

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The rain coursed steadily down my face like tears. I felt Scott materialize beside me but kept staring ahead, not wanting to expose my fear.

Scott started to nestle his thoughts in my head, trying to force me to crack under pressure. Though I knew that I was of a much lower class than him and respect was required, if not demanded, I couldn’t stand the haunted thoughts he was contaminating my mind with.

I jerked my hand up as though to halt his advances on me and was quickly reprimanded with a very vivid and mental slap. My knees started to shake and I fell before him in what felt like slow motion. His thoughts lapped at my brain like the tide of an ocean, never receding for long.
My body quaked and shook under his hard gaze. His piercing green eyes caressed my skin and made me long for his kiss.

My vision swam before me and thoughts tumbled around with no destination, waiting to be captured. I longed for him to cease, but I knew it was just the beginning.

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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    First off Welcome to Ficly!

    Wonderfully vivid descriptions of being violated telepathically

  2. Avatar HannahMarie

    I was on Ficlets for a year or so. I just stumbled across Ficly today!:D

  3. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    It’s almost poetic and horribly cringey. Some sort of virtual world? One thing: you put an extra E in receding.
    I’m going to keep reading. I actually read the third installment first then went back.

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